Review of Mobile Learning Trends 2010-2015: A Meta-Analysis

July 10, 2017

This study examined the longitudinal trends of mobile learning (M-Learning) research using text mining techniques in a more comprehensive manner. One hundred and forty four (144) refereed journal articles were retrieved and analyzed from the Social Science Citation Index database selected from top six major educational technology-based learning journals based on Google Scholar metrics in the period from January, 2010 to December, 2015. Content analysis was implemented for further analysis based on (a) category of research purpose, (b) learning domain, (c) sample group, (d) device used, (e) research design, (f) educational contexts (i.e., formal learning and informal learning), (g) learning outcome (i.e., positive, negative and neutral), (h) periodic journal, (i) country, and (j) publisher. This review study of M-Learning presents findings, which can become a layover platform and guidance for researcher, educators, policy maker or even journal publisher for future research or reference in the realm of M-Learning regarding the latest trends.