Report Card on DETC Services

July 30, 2004

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) has a 78-year tradition of providing a variety of “value-adding” services to its accredited institutions, and the Accrediting Commission wanted to learn how these services were perceived by the membership.

A mail survey was sent out to all DETC institutions in June, 2004 and 42, or 58% of the DETC membership, responded.

Many positive comments and constructive suggestions were submitted, and we are deeply grateful to all those who took the time to respond and offer their thoughts. DETC aims to be a premiere accrediting association that offers institution-enhancing services beyond just conferring a “Certificate of Accreditation.”

Here is a summary of the survey responses. The Accrediting Commission will consider all of the comments and suggestions from the survey at its next meeting.

Top Rated Services

These services received the highest ratings from the responders: at least 3 out of 4 responders (75% of all responses) rated these DETC services as being either “Very Useful” or “Indispensable.” They are listed in descending order of ratings. The ratings for these 10 services had an average of 85%:

    • DETC Accreditation Handbook (a 100% rating!)
    • DETC Handbooks (e.g., Course Development, Student Services)
    • Consultations with DETC Staff

    • The Accrediting Program
    • Public Relations Efforts
    • Liaison with Higher Education Agencies
    • DETC Web site
    • DETC Directory of Accredited Institutions (print version)
    • DETC Personnel Directory of Accredited Institutions

Other Valued Services

These services also received high grades from the responders—at least 8 out of 10 responders (80%) rated them as being “Useful,” “Very Useful,” or “Indispensable.”

    • DETC News

    • DETC Bulletins
    • DETC Occasional Papers

    • Annual Conferences
    • Education Workshops
    • Reports on Conferences and Workshops
    • Federal Relations Efforts
    • DETC Committees
    • Washington Memo

    • Marketing Workshops
    • State Relations
    • Complaint Clearinghouse Service

    • Outstanding Graduate Program
    • Research Reports and Surveys
    • Regional Meetings of Institutions

Suggestions for Other Services

The survey form asked for “what other services should DETC explore?”

Responders offered a number of constructive suggestions. Here is a representative sampling:

    – Information regarding methods and techniques contributing to successes in improvement of student outcomes and graduation rates.
    – Focus groups of regional members. More small meetings to discuss school challenges.
    – Information on good software for student services, multimedia production, group discounts for buying software and computers.
    – E-mail discussion list or e-mail bulletin board for members to share information at the web site.
    – I would like to see more specific industry related survey information.
    – A place on the web site offering students experiences, i.e., what did you do with your DETC degree? Where did it take you? Did you go on to further education? Where?

Comments On DETC

Here are just a few of the comments that are representative of the overall commentary received on “any other comments” about DETC?

    – I think the DETC is the most responsive, most supportive organization in its service to members!
    – We appreciate all your efforts!
    – You guys are terrific!
    – What a great organization and people!
    – You are doing an incredible job! Keep it up!
    – We continue to realize the value of the accrediting process and know, as difficult as it may be, our institution will be a stronger and more dynamic organization!
    – Member services are very valuable. Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable.
    – We are very pleased to be an accredited member of DETC and we highly value the educational services you provide, specifically the tangible aspects of very timely course accreditations and personal contact with DETC staff.
    – DETC has done an outstanding job of changing with the times. We have a very diligent and professional staff.
    – The services provided by the DETC staff are very useful to our organization and the personal contacts and guidance when questions arise are invaluable. Thank you all for showing an interest in our school’s program.