Red Deer College announces non-traditional learning scholarship

May 14, 2002

The $1000 entrance award was created to recognize students who have graduated from home schooling, virtual schooling, correspondence schools and other non-traditional environments. It is an attempt to recognize the diverse learning opportunities available to Alberta students and to reward and motivate students to further their education.

Students may choose non-traditional school options due to a variety of reasons including, but not limited to geographic location, timetable issues and health concerns. This new scholarship is aimed at meeting the needs of Alberta students who have chosen to non-traditional school environments.

Alberta has 17 virtual schools, According to the Alberta Online Consortium. Alberta Learning Special Programs reports that in 2001, there were 75 outreach programs serving almost 5000 students.


Joanne Premak

Financial Aid / Awards Office

Red Deer College

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John Howie

Distance Learning Coordinator

Red Deer College

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