ReadyGo! Web Course Builder Now Available In Italian

September 18, 2001

ReadyGo™ Inc. announced today that the ReadyGo! Web Course Builder™ (WCB) is available in Italian. ReadyGo WCB is also available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. And according to the CEO Anita Rosen, the company will soon offer ReadyGo WCB in German and French.

“In a global economy, its vital that companies be able to conduct training in different languages,” says Anita Rosen, CEO of ReadyGo. “Our goal is to provide authoring tools that will enable our clients to build comprehensive and consistent web-based training courses to train employees in virtually any country.”

Testing Capabilities

ReadyGo WCB in Italian offers a separate module to register students and store tests and survey results. This module processes student registration and test or survey results for courses built with ReadyGo WCB, and stores the names and results in comma-separated text files.

In addition to multiple choice questions, ReadyGo WCB provides True/False, text entry, and numeric fill-in-the-blank test questions. Course authors can select whether to grade tests on the student’s computer or on a central server.

Survey capabilities have also been added to ReadyGo WCB. Six different types of questions can be built: multiple choice, true/false, numeric and text fill-in-the-blank, multiple selection, and preference questions.

ReadyGo provides open source code for the Server-Side Test (SST) storing module. This enables users to modify the program and to integrate it into an existing database system, if desired. The standard output format (comma-separated text) allows quick loading of results into any database or spreadsheet program for analysis.

PowerPoint and Text Import Capabilities

Course creators can now easily import PowerPoint slides into their web courses. From Microsoft PowerPoint, they simply highlight the slides they wish to add to the course and select “copy” from the tool bar. Then in ReadyGo WCB they select “paste”. ReadyGo WCB automatically converts the PowerPoint text into titles and bullets. WCB also supports text copy-and-paste from most other Microsoft Windows applications.

Easy Integration with Learning and Knowledge Management Systems

By facilitating the integration of courses created in ReadyGo WCB with existing LMS databases, ReadyGo, Inc., has once again simplified web-based training. ReadyGo WCB now accomplishes with a single click from a menu what previously required professional course developers weeks of programming time to create.

As a result, companies can now transparently track an employee’s web-based training progress and store the results through an eLearning portal’s LMS for future reference, or as part of a student’s permanent record.

To integrate an LMS with a course created using the ReadyGo Web Course builder, the developer selects the name of the LMS (or the version of AICC or SCORM) from a menu. The software automatically imbeds the necessary code into the course.

Pricing and Availability

ReadyGo WCB 2.2 in Italian is currently available and can be purchased for $495 USD. Volume purchase prices are also available: There are no per-course or per-student charges. Courses produced with WCB can be hosted on any standard web server and can be viewed using any standard browser without the need for plug-ins.

The SST module (including source code) is priced at $995 USD, per server.

About ReadyGo, Inc.

ReadyGo, Inc. is a privately held company providing tools and services for the corporate eLearning environment. ReadyGo Inc. is headquartered at 918 N. Rengstorff Avenue, Suite B, Mountain View, California 94043. For more information, email or call (650) 969-4902.