R1edu recognizes faculty for work with online education

June 6, 2003

R1edu is a consortium of 34 American research universities that pool their resources and knowledge to provide access to distance learning classes and reference materials. The consortium’s website (www.r1edu.org) allows students to search classes and programs by subject, type or institution. Participating institutions are members of the Carnegie Foundation and of the prestigious Association of American Universities.

This year’s winners:

Douglas D. Gemmill, associate professor, Iowa State University.
Dr. Gemmill, a professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, was chosen for creating and developing a continuing education program for engineering students. The Systems Engineering Graduate Program is an online program that allows students to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. About 95 percent of students in the program are off-campus. The program has led to the development of other online offerings at the ISU College of Engineering. Dr. Gemmill is also credited with helping develop a dual graduate degree program in Business and Engineering, offered in partnership with the University of Iowa.

Joe Mahoney, professor, University of Washington
Dr. Mahoney, a professor with the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, won the award for his work in the distance learning program in Construction Engineering. The program, the first of its kind in the nation, allows engineers to pursue one of three certificates, or combine them towards a master’s degree. Dr. Mahoney co-developed the Pavement Construction online course for the program, which he also teaches. He is working to develop and teach other courses for the program.

Stephen Muench, graduate student, University of Washington Mr. Muench is co developer of the Pavement Construction online course for the online Construction Engineering program, and is involved in the planning and instruction of future courses for that program. He has been active in developing CD-ROM interactive guides for online courses. Two of his works have been used as the primary texts and interactive materials for the Pavement Construction course. His learning tools have also been used at Auburn University and University of California-Davis.

For more information, contact Roberto Sanchez, UWEO manager of public relations, 206-685-6344, rsanchez@ese.washington.edu