Quia Launches Internet’s Largest Collaborative Educational Resource

October 13, 2000

BURLINGAME, CA. – (October 10, 2000) – Quia Corporation, the worlds largest collaborative online educational resource, launched its Web site today with more than 350,000 teachers and students already using the site they discovered by word –of mouth.

Quias sophisticated yet user-friendly technology allows educators, from the classroom to the boardroom, to create online learning activities based on their own content.  Even before launch, the Web site is attracting more than eight million page views and 350,000 visitors each month, making Quia.com one of the worlds most popular providers of online educational technology.

Were helping teachers teach better by giving them the tools to create, customize, and share learning activities.  Word of our site has spread like wildfire in the education community, indicating that we are filling a real need, said Paul Mishkin, founder and CEO of Quia Corporation.

Quia has found a way to tap the knowledge, creativity, and expertise of educators throughout the world, and funnel it through our technology into activities and forums that allow their intellectual property to be shared, Mishkin said.

Research analysts Bancorp Piper Jaffray say the worldwide market for e-learning software, services, and content will grow to an estimated $46 billion by 2005. Other analysts predict similar growth.

Quia plans to extend the use of its technology by licensing its unique and innovative learning software to businesses, portals, and other companies engaged in e-learning that wish to enhance what they offer end users.  They also plan to offer services to businesses wanting sophisticated, interactive, and collaborative e-learning tools.

Our users are very loyal, our technology is powerful, and the collective ingenuity we have tapped is formidable, Mishkin said. We are perfectly positioned to capture the booming online education and training market in a way that no other company can.

Quia.com offers access to the Internets largest variety of free educational services, including:

  • 400,000 online games and quizzes in hundreds of subject areas created by teachers around the world.

  • Easy-to-use tools and templates for teachers and others to create learning exercises, such as flash cards, puzzles, and games.

  • Online assessments and analysis of student performance through Quias patent-pending quiz session functionality.

  • Class Web pages for educators to post homework, schedules, grades, links to favorite Web sites, and more.

From my classroom in rural Pennsylvania, I can find and share the best tactics created by teachers anywhere in the world.  I have access to their creativity and thinking.  Its easy to use, fun for my kids and, by far, the best teaching tool Ive found yet on the Net, said Roger Campbell, teacher at Conestoga Valley Middle School, Lancaster, PA.

About Quia

Quia Corporation is a privately-held Internet technology company specializing in educational tools and content. The Quia Web site is the Internets largest collaborative educational resource. It offers users free, innovative technology to create customized learning activities. More than 350,000 educators and learners visit Quia each month to create, use, and share learning activities and assessments. Quia.com has more than 400,000 online games and quizzes in more than 40 subject areas ranging from basic math to genetics. For more information about Quia, please visit www.quia.com on the World Wide Web. 

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