Questionmark Unveils System for Self-Directed Learning

August 18, 2004

DALI is an add-on to the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system. The new interface opens up a tree view showing topic scores to allow students to see how well they’ve performed in each topic and to take refresher quizzes on topics that are proving difficult. It provides learners and instructors multiple ways to view information in order to gauge progress in specific topic areas.

The interface:

  • allows a student to select the score level that they wish to achieve;
  • highlights the last topic-based feedback provided to the learner;
  • provides statistics associated with any selected topic; and
  • displays topic descriptions as learning objectives.

“Research has shown that answering questions can dramatically increase learning and reduce forgetting,” remarked Questionmark President Eric Shepherd. “Learners benefit from being able to understand their knowledge and skills inventories quickly and easily. DALI helps them select the most appropriate learning experiences and quiz themselves on particular topics for retrieval practice and feedback.”

Information and 30-day evaluation software are available free of charge from:

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