Questionmark Releases Connector for WebCT Campus Edition

April 7, 2004

WebCT PowerLinks™ provide a framework for institutions to integrate key campus technologies and extend the WebCT platform with innovative applications to meet their specific needs.

The Questionmark Perception Connector for WebCT Campus Edition allows instructors to incorporate assessments, designed in Questionmark Perception, within their WebCT courses. The assessments can be organized, scheduled, and included in the classroom usage statistics just like one of the native tools found in the WebCT e-learning system.

With the PowerLink installed on the WebCT server, administrators can enable Questionmark Perception for specific courses, giving seamless navigation between the two systems. Once added to a course, a Perception assessment can be accessed by students directly from the WebCT environment. When a quiz, test, or assessment has been completed, the results are saved into the WebCT grade book.

The Perception Connector for WebCT brings institutions one step closer to the vision of a complete best-of-breed Managed Learning Environment. Integrating these applications enables course instructors to leverage the pedagogic benefits of Questionmark Perception’s powerful question and assessment compilation tools, revealing feedback and comprehensive reports. Details are available at

Alamo Community College District Network Engineer Amita Mahajan was involved in a recent beta test of the connector. “The district is a very active user of WebCT,” said Majahan. “San Antonio College, one of the four colleges in the district, is already using Questionmark Perception assessments. This new connector will pave the way for instructors at all of our colleges to use Questionmark assessments and reports. We are looking forward to providing seamless connections between WebCT and Perception for instructors and students throughout the district.”

Carol Vallone, president and CEO of WebCT, said the integration is important for mutual customers. “Questionmark, like our other WebCT PowerLinks Network partners, is helping institutions extract more value more quickly from their WebCT-powered e-learning programs, both educationally and economically,” Vallone said. “The combination of our products clearly exceeds the sum of their parts, and we will work to compound these benefits in the future.”

“The Perception Connector for WebCT Campus Edition represents yet another step in our efforts to satisfy our customers’ requirements and enhance their use of computerized assessments,” added Questionmark President Eric Shepherd. “We look forward to continuing our joint efforts with WebCT to make assessment an integral part of each stage in the learning process.”