Questionmark Perception Powers Mobile Assessments

October 12, 2005

Pocket PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices are making it increasingly possible for organizations – or mobile employees or students – to benefit from online assessments. Where computers are either impractical or too expensive, such devices offer an affordable and manageable alternative.

Using the Questionmarkâ„¢ Perceptionâ„¢ assessment management system, educators, trainers and HR professionals can deliver surveys, quizzes tests and exams to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes or deliver just-in-time learning virtually anywhere.

“The proliferation of handheld devices with internet access and an increasingly mobile, geographically dispersed workforce have converged to make assessment to handhelds not only viable – but also sensible,” said Eric Shepherd, president of Questionmark. “Likewise, educational institutions are starting to deploy handhelds to deliver online formative and diagnostic assessments in environments where laptops are too obtrusive or impractical.”

Perception enables authoring, scheduling and delivery of many different types of questions – multiple choice, true/false, matching/ranking, fill-in-the-blank – and even essay questions. Perception’s reporting system measures and tracks results. Administrators can receive emails that inform them when participants complete assessments.

Questionmark Perception is used to create, administer and report on the surveys and quizzes being used in mobile classrooms. Using a Web browser on their wireless handheld devices, participants can browse to a Perception Server installation in the same way as they would were they using a browser on a desktop or laptop PC. Perception provides question authoring wizards in a variety of formats that make it easy for educators and trainers to create their own questions.

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About Questionmark:
Questionmark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988. The Questionmark Perception assessment management system allows people to create question files without programming experience or knowledge of HTML. Users can create multiple question banks from which to assemble tests and surveys, organizing questions into topics and sub-topics. They can shuffle questions and answers for each participant and preview sessions to see how they will appear post-deployment. They can present questions with videos, graphics and a wide variety of styles. Participants receive feedback as specified by the test author. Answers are saved to a file for scoring and analysis in a variety of report formats.

Businesses, governments, schools, colleges, and universities in more than 50 countries use Questionmark software. Questionmark has more than 2,200 customers using Perception and is a keen supporter of open standards. Typical applications include exams, quizzes, study aids, diagnostic tests, pre-course skills assessments, and course evaluations. Questionmark offers training courses and extensive learning materials designed to improve assessment authoring and management.

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