Questionmark Perception Now Delivers Assessments to PDAs Innovation Makes Quizzes and Surveys Completely Portable

March 19, 2002

STAMFORD, CT – March 18, 2002 – Questionmark™, creators of Perception™

testing and assessment software, today unveiled a system that lets users deploy

assessments to PDA (Palm and Windows CE) devices. Perception users can now deliver

quizzes, tests, and surveys to PDAs as easily as they deliver them to browsers

and PCs.

Assessments have widened in the last few years from the threatening test or

the boring survey to interactive instruments that can help identify training

needs and provide prescriptive feedback. Now Questionmark Perception can gather

information from an individual performing a task, even while they are performing

it. This provides meaningful and relevant data to aid the development of training

and certification programs.

“The original idea was sparked by a hospital that wanted to survey patients

at their bed-sides, and then road-shows confirmed that handheld assessments

had much wider applications,” said Questionmark President Eric Shepherd.

“Today it is becoming important to gather data quickly and easily, and

then present that information in a meaningful way. Now discovering training

needs, how jobs are performed, which tasks are important, employee opinions,

knowledge, skills, and attitudes will be as easy as picking up your PDA.”

Questionmark is providing this upgrade to its user free of charge, as blended

delivery is an important part of its strategy. For complete details about creating

and deploying Perception assessments for use on handheld devices, please visit

Sample Perception quizzes formatted for PDAs are available at:


The Questionmark Perception login and delivery templates minimize HTML formatting

to accommodate the low bandwidth of handheld devices. To date, the PDA assessment

system has been tested using Palm and iPaq devices. Blazer, AvantGo and Eudora

browser have been tested running on Palm OS and Pocket Internet Explorer on

the iPaq.

About Questionmark:

Questionmark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988.

Questionmark Perception allows people to create question files without programming

experience. Users can categorize their question banks into topics and sub-topics

from which to assemble tests and surveys. They can shuffle questions and answers

for each participant and preview assessments to see how they will appear post-deployment.

They can present questions with videos, graphics and a wide variety of styles.

Participants receive feedback as specified by the author. Answers are saved

to an encrypted file for scoring and analysis in a variety of report formats.

Businesses, governments, schools, colleges, and universities in more than 50

countries use Questionmark software. Questionmark has more than 1,200 customers

using Perception, with approximately 10,000 authoring systems installed, and

systems shipped have been configured with approximately 3,000,000 participants.

Typical applications include exams, quizzes, study aids, diagnostic tests, pre-course

skills assessments, ISO 9000 compliance, and course evaluations. Questionmark

is actively involved with the IMS Global Learning Consortium and supports open

standards. Visit

for more information.