Questionmark Perception Has Updated WebCT Connector

September 1, 2005

Questionmark has announced that its WebCT Campus Edition 4.1 Connector is now available for use with Questionmark™ Perception™ Version 4. The connector integrates Questionmark Perception with WebCT’s Campus Edition™ 4.1 e-learning system, enabling educators to benefit from Perception’s assessment management capabilities.

Using a “PowerLink” created by the Questionmark WebCT Connector, instructors can incorporate assessments, designed in Questionmark Perception, within their WebCT courses. The assessments can be organized, scheduled, and included in the classroom usage statistics just like one of the native tools found in the WebCT e-learning system.

Details about the Connector are available at
The site contains a product description and provides a link for Perception users to find newly released documentation on using Perception Version 4 with WebCT Campus Edition.

WebCT’s PowerLinks program provides a framework that enables campus technology providers to integrate with and extend the WebCT platform with innovative applications to meet the needs of educators. Questionmark’s WebCT connector ensures seamless navigation between the two systems. Once added to a course, a Perception assessment can be accessed by students directly from the WebCT environment. When a quiz, test, or assessment has been completed, the results are saved into the WebCT grade book.

Integrating these applications enables instructors to leverage the pedagogic benefits of Questionmark Perception’s powerful question and assessment compilation tools, revealing feedback and comprehensive reports. Questionmark Perception Version 4 offers workflow management, distributed authoring, drag-and-drop publishing, easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML authoring, and powerful content management capabilities that make it easier to organize, store, secure and publish assessment content.

“Our ongoing partnership with Questionmark is a good example of the many ways our customers can customize their e-learning environment, integrate key campus technologies, and extend the WebCT platform to meet their specific needs,” said Barb Ross, Chief Operating Officer of WebCT.

“Whether the purpose is to enhance learning or measure academic achievement, educational institutions face rigorous demands for development and safe, secure delivery of assessments,” commented Eric Shepherd, president of Questionmark. “We’re pleased that educators can complement WebCT’s course management capabilities with Perception’s innovative new assessment management features.”

About Questionmark:
Questionmark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988, enabling educators and trainers to write, administer, and report on tests and surveys securely using individual PCs, local networks, the Internet, and intranets. Some 2,200 businesses, governments, schools, colleges, and universities in more than 50 countries use Questionmark Perception. Typical applications include exams, quizzes, study aids, diagnostic tests, pre-course skills assessments, and course evaluations. Questionmark has offices in the United States, England, and Belgium, with distributors worldwide. Call 800-863-3950 or visit for more information.

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