Questionmark Perception Assessments Linked to Dokeos Open Source LCMS

May 6, 2005

Questionmark Perception enables trainers and educators to create, deliver and report on assessments without programming experience or knowledge of HTML.

The Dokeos2Perception connector allows students and instructors to seamlessly link to Questionmark Perception within the Dokeos platform. Institutions can maintain student and instructor profiles within Dokeos while taking advantage of the powerful assessment features of Perception.

Dokeos managers can automatically link assessment participants with the Perception database and schedule Perception assessments. When they create or delete classes in Dokeos, the information is automatically synchronized with the Perception database.

“We are excited about our work with the open source community and Dokeos in particular,” said Questionmark President Eric Shepherd. “Questionmark recognizes the vital and expanding role that open source systems are playing in education and is committed to integrating, partnering and collaborating with this vibrant community. The Dokeos community has assumed an important leadership position by defining how commercial vendors and open source can collaborate effectively. We look forward to growing our associations and relationships with other open source communities around the world.”

“Questionmark is helping educators get better value from their e-learning programs,” said Dokeos Director Thomas De Praetere. “The assessment capabilities of Questionmark Perception complement the learning management tools provided by Dokeos. We are very pleased to be working together with Questionmark.”

About Dokeos
Dokeos is free and open source e-learning management software translated in 31 languages and helping more than 1,000 organizations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities. Dokeos is also a company that helps organizations launch and develop blended learning programs. Complete information is available at

About Questionmark
Questionmark has produced testing and assessment software since 1988. Questionmark Perception allows people to create question files without programming experience or knowledge of HTML. Powerful reports help instructors track individual and class performance and provide diagnostic information that can be used to improve both instruction and assessments. Some 2,000 businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in more than 50 countries use Perception. Complete information is available at