Questionmark Perception Adds New Macromedia® Flash™ Connector for Assessments

July 30, 2004

Questionmark™ Perception™ Flash Connector works together with Macromedia Flash to provide a high level of context within which a question can be answered. For example, detecting a hazardous situation such as a chemical spill or an ignition source within the setting of a Flash movie can measure someone’s sensitivity to hazards better than a multiple choice question.

Now authors can use sound and videos and place measurable interactions within that context. Perception Flash Connector, which supports Flash 5, Flash MX and Flash MX 2004, makes it possible to evaluate and score an interaction and pass the information on to Perception for collation and reporting.

“We understand the value of assessments and believe Flash can help make them more powerful,” said Tom King, eLearning integration manager, Macromedia. “When an assessment management system like Questionmark incorporates Flash, it empowers users to create rich web-based interactivity and performance-based assessments that simulate real-life situations within quizzes, tests and exams.”

“Many of our customers need the ability to provide real world stimuli and real world interactions to more accurately determine the level of knowledge or skill that someone might have in a particular situation,” said Questionmark President Eric Shepherd. “Integrating Flash movies within an assessment not only enables organizations to provide more dynamic content; now the results from the Flash interactions can be stored and included within Perception’s analytics.”

With the flexibility of Flash, students and candidates utilize dynamic user interfaces to demonstrate their understanding and abilities. From constructing math equations to simulating the controls of a machine, Flash can present appropriate visuals and sounds and measure the speed and appropriateness of someone’s response.

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