Questionmark Adds New Functionality to Word Authoring Templates

August 18, 2005

Testing and assessment software provider Questionmark today released a new version of its popular Word Authoring Templates product. Questionmark Word Authoring Templates enable subject matter experts (SMEs) to produce questions for use in Questionmarkâ„¢ Perceptionâ„¢ quizzes, tests and exams using a familiar and easy-to-use environment.

The new version of Word Authoring Templates is compatible with Questionmark Perception Version 4 and enables creation of Likert Scale questions in addition to other popular question types such as multiple choice and true/false questions. The new version also gives SMEs more flexibility in how they present choices in multiple choice questions, and adds support for questions that use Unicode characters.

SMEs using Microsoft® Word can use the templates to produce questions that can be delivered, tracked and managed with Questionmark Perception. The templates provide an excellent solution for SMEs who may lack easy or direct access to Perception and make it possible for non-technical SMEs – those who might lack the confidence or desire to create computerized assessments –to easily author online tests, quizzes, surveys and exams.

Questionmark Word Authoring Templates can be freely distributed by a Questionmark Perception licensor to any number of SMEs. Each SME uses a special Word toolbar to select the type of question to create. The page then displays a form that the author fills in with the question’s stimulus, choices, score, and feedback. A single document can contain numerous questions. When finished, the author sends the Word file to the appropriate gatekeeper, who at the press of a button can publish the questions directly into a Perception repository.

Questionmark’s Word Authoring Templates Offer:

    • Authoring for SMEs within Microsoft Word
    • Easy-to-use question forms
    • Quick

    • Support for popular question types such as Likert Scale and multiple choice
    • Gatekeeper control over final publishing of questions
For more information about Questionmark Word Authoring Templates visit or call 800-863-3950.

About Questionmark:
Questionmark has been producing testing and assessment software since 1988. Questionmark Perception allows people to create question files without programming experience or knowledge of HTML. Powerful reports help instructors track individual and class performance and provide diagnostic information that can be used to improve both instruction and assessments. Some 2,200 businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in more than 50 countries use Perception. Complete information is available at