Quelsys Works With Macromedia in Support of E-Learning Standards and Interoperability

March 22, 2001

NORWALK, Conn. — Quelsys announced today that it is working with Macromedia to support e-learning standards and interoperability between the Macromedia Web Learning Studio and SocratEase 3.0.

Both companies promote emerging industry standards that support content reuse, portability and interoperability. Quelsys and Macromedia ensure interoperability between their products based on the IMS Global Consortium’s specifications, and the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (“AICC”) and Advanced Distributed Learning (“ADL”) standards.

The SocratEase 3.0 e-learning platform is an ASP solution that includes a comprehensive learning management system (LMS), a drag-and-drop authoring tool, an e-commerce feature, and a pay-per-enrollment pricing model. SocratEase 3.0 is completely Web-based and empowers any knowledge worker to create Web-based training with its free CourseDesigner authoring tool.

Macromedia Web Learning Studio is a complete authoring solution for online learning. The studio includes Authorware 5.2, Macromedia Flash 5 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. The integrated authoring studio enables developers, instructional designers and subject matter experts to create and develop engaging, standards-based learning applications for delivery on the Web, corporate intranets, and CD-ROMs. The SocratEase 3.0 authoring tool has the functionality to import Macromedia Flash objects and will be able to edit and download Macromedia Flash content.

“SocratEase 3.0 is built from the ground up based on IMS specifications and creates IMS manifests on the fly,” commented Jeff Como, CTO of Quelsys. “We are working with Macromedia to ensure complete interoperability between content created in the Macromedia Web Learning Studio and Quelsys’ SocratEase 3.0. Course authors can create and leverage existing content with tools that they are most familiar with. Industry standards increase our customer’s options and protects organizations from having their intellectual capital held hostage,” Como added.

The Web Learning Studio provides tools for creating interactive, rich media training content that is consistent with IMS standards. This allows individuals to use the Web Learning Studio to create content that can be uploaded directly to the SocratEase 3.0 LMS for immediate delivery or additional authoring.

“Macromedia is committed to supporting standards and working with companies like Quelsys to demonstrate the power and flexibility that standards enable,” said Pat Brogan, Vice President of Marketing, Macromedia. “E-learning content creators can use the Macromedia Web Learning Studio to deliver rich, immersive content and increase the effectiveness and interoperability required for successful training initiatives.”

About Quelsys

Quelsys is a privately held e-learning company offering SocratEase, a Web-based corporate training platform that allows managers to quickly create programs to share knowledge with employees, vendors, partners and customers. SocratEase includes a customized site, authoring tool, learning management system and an e-commerce feature that is scalable to e-learning projects of all sizes, from project-specific courses to enterprise-wide universities. Companies using SocratEase as their corporate training platform include Graduate School USDA, Critical Path, FedEx, Lucent, Etera, Compaq, OfficeMax, eBay, Mitel, SEI and Volvo. More information about Quelsys can be found at http://www.Quelsys.com or by calling (203) 852-4200.

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