Prometheus Teams With Docent To Expand elearning Software Capabilities

October 24, 2001

Prometheus, a leader in community source code courseware from The

George Washington University, has teamed with Docent, the premier

provider of eLearning software for Global 2000 companies to expand

eLearning software capabilities to meet the changing needs of both the

education and


training markets. Each company will contribute key technologies to the

project and work jointly on the development efforts to integrate and

co-market their eLearning solutions.

Docent Enterprise™, an integrated suite of products, is a complete

infrastructure for developing, delivering, managing and measuring


to the corporate training market. Prometheus provides course

management software (CMS) to the higher education market allowing

professors or instructors to construct and deliver courses to on-campus or “virtual”

students attending traditional or distance learning institution. Courses

are easy for students to navigate through a personalized portal


“The academic market is adopting elearning faster than ever before,”

said Dave Ellett, chairman, president and CEO of Docent. “By

combining our platform capabilities with Prometheus into a seamlessly

integrated framework, both companies can can offer more robust

elearning solutions


our education and corporate training customers.”

“Teaming with Docent allows Prometheus to fully explore learning

solutions and content delivery strategies that have worked well in

corporate markets while, at the same time, maintaining Prometheus’

leadership role in the academic market,” said Bo Davis, Managing

Director of Prometheus. “Our


understanding of university needs is bolstered by taking advantage of

the full range of functionality.”

Davis continues, “In recent RFPs, we have found that there are

specifications for functionality from both types of platforms. For


there are frequently requests in the large RFPs for performance

tracking features typically found in corporate LMS products to be

combined with


book and test functionality found in the academic CMS products.”

About Prometheus

Prometheus is a community-based, open architecture software platform

that meets the online needs of educational institutions and is backed

by The George Washington University in Washington, DC. In 1997, a team

at GW


to develop their own online learning software because the available


was not as easy to use, flexible, or scalable as faculty and students

at a major university needed. As a result, the team created

Prometheus, a scalable software based on proven technologies such as

leading databases from Oracle and Microsoft as well as an open source

code application built in ColdFusion. Other leading institutions that

have adopted this proven, scalable technology include The Wharton

School, Teachers College at


University, New York University, The University of Wisconsin Learning

Innovations, University of Michigan College of Engineering, and United

States Open University.

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