Professor Bryan Sanctuary of McGill To Talk At LearnTec About Use Of WebCT And Multimedia For Teaching Science

January 31, 2001

MONTREAL, CANADA — Bryan C. Sanctuary, a professor of chemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, has been invited to talk at LearnTec 2001 about the use of WebCT and “proactive multimedia” for teaching science.

LearnTec 2001, the 9th European Conference and Trade Fair for Educational and Information Technology, opens today, and runs through February 2, 2001, in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Prof. Sanctuary, who has a long interest in multimedia teaching and distance education, was invited to address the conference at the suggestion of Canada Trade and Commerce. In 1995, he created a company, MCH Multimedia Inc. (, dedicated to creating high quality software for Internet delivery.

“I am using WebCT for 750 students and using a lot of multimedia inside WebCT. We are just upgrading to version 3.0. I will be talking about – and proposing – the use of WebCT,” he says.

Prof. Sanctuary, who will speak on January 30, will discuss the two main aspects to the development of educational material: the academic content and the means of delivery. The effective use of academic content requires the inclusion of “proactive interactivity” as well as stringent quality controls. The means of delivery includes a course model or “Course Shell” that is applicable to any discipline.

Prof. Sanctuary uses the term, “proactive interactivity,” to distinguish it from the hackneyed use of the word, “interactive,” which at its lowest level means, “click”. He says, “Proactive interactivity means that the student is challenged and the computer responds to the student input. This can be done by questions with feedback, or by the use of digital movies that the student responds to. The way the material is delivered is important and is quite different than that of a regular textbook.”

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