Professional Certificate in Global & Online Marketing

January 24, 2002

UKD Academy introduces the Global & Online Marketing Professional Certificate

Program – the third program in the Virtual Competencies Series!

UKD Academy entered the U.S. training market with an eWork Certificate Program,

created for individuals who need telecommuting and virtual office skills. The

next program in the Virtual Competencies Series was the advanced Certificate

in Distance Education & eLearning – mainly targeted to educators who would

like to teach online, or managers in the private sector who are in charge of

eLearning programs.

UKD Academy continually strives to respond to the training needs of forward-thinking

individuals and organizations, and now proudly introduces the Global & Online

Marketing Professional Certificate Program.

This program is aimed at sales and marketing professionals, advertising and

public relations professionals, managers in private and public sectors, as well

as business owners and entrepreneurs. UKD Academy designed the program with

the intent of educating current marketing professional to understand the differences

between traditional and online marketing, to extend their knowledge of the 4

P’s in electronic commerce and to gain knowledge of how to capitalize on emerging

global markets.

The Global & Online Marketing Program embraces the modification in the

nature of marketing. The internet together with the fast-changing economy have

literally changed the way products and services are marketed and sold. Global

institutions all over the world are recognizing the importance of these new

delivery channels, offering new revenue opportunities and lower operational

costs. As we move into the millennium, sales and marketing professionals have

the opportunity to exploit the potential of these innovative technologies, enabling

them to reach more people, more quickly and at a much lower cost.

One of the reasons we are a household name in this market is our continuous

effort to seek out creative approaches to promoting ourselves. Due to our constant

strive to maintain a unique positioning within the market; we aim to recruit

cutting-edge marketing professionals. Your new Global & Online Marketing

Program offers state-of-the art proficiency in this new field of World Wide

Web marketing on a global level. Liz Schuil, Account Executive, Star 100.7 FM,

San Diego

About UKD Academy

UKD Academy has offered flexible learning and work solutions in Scandinavia

since 1992, and is a truly virtual organization, with employees stationed all

over the world, and subsequently with a genuine hands-on experience in virtual


UKD Academy is committed to academic and organizational excellence and strives

to continuously produce course content in line with current trends to meet the

needs of individuals, businesses and organizations. With the Virtual Competencies

Series, UKD Academy provides a number of training solutions to companies that

want to decentralize operations, increase productivity, cut overhead costs,

and enhance individual flexibility.

For more information, please visit our website at, contact Marketing Director Charlotta Thompson

directly at 1-760-918-5566, or send a message to the President, P-O Lindgren,

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