PolyVision Unveils Webster Products: a Complete Line of Technology Products for the Education and Corporate Markets

February 28, 2001

ATLANTA, Georgia–PolyVision Corporation (AMEX: PLI – news), an international manufacturer of innovative visual communication products, recently debuted Webster, their new line of interactive technology products. The introduction took place at the NSSEA School Equipment Trade Show in Dallas, TX.

The new Webster™ line offers an extensive suite of visual technology products, delivering a myriad of communication solutions for the education and corporate markets. The Webster™ brand provides greater recognition for PolyVision’s cutting-edge technology.

Michael H. Dunn, President and Chief Executive Officer of PolyVision, commented on the decision to introduce the Webster™ line at NSSEA. “The School Equipment Show allowed us to present our newly branded technology directly to our key consumer audience, composed of schools, colleges, and universities. This enabled participating industry members to build on their commitment to our technologies with the understanding that we are aggressively expanding the product line.”

Mr. Dunn also noted, “In addition to the tremendous opportunities for Webster™ in the educational market, there are many exciting applications for each of these products in the corporate market. We have established a presence throughout the corporate world as the leading solution provider for visual communication needs. Webster™ will be the springboard for extending this presence throughout corporate America.”

The new line of Webster™ Interactive Whiteboards is composed of the TS Series and LT Series. The TS Series connects directly to a computer and a LCD projector, turning the whiteboard into a touch-sensitive screen. This allows the presenter to control applications like Power Point® directly from the board while capturing all information that is written. The LT Series, the Company’s most durable interactive whiteboard, is made with PolyVision’s revolutionary P3 ceramicsteel surface. Its laser-tracking system chronologically records anything written on the surface and stores it for future playback. Additionally, the LT series can be used as an interactive projection surface. Also included in the Webster™ line: Webster™ Interactive Plasma Displays and Webster™ Rear Projection Systems.

Mr. Dunn said, “The Webster™ brand promotes a strong definition of our technology products within the highly fragmented visual display industry. We believe a focused branding campaign will enhance sales and marketing of this already well-accepted line of products throughout the education and corporate markets. The establishment of Webster™ builds upon PolyVision’s position as a one-stop shop for visual communication solutions and gives us a recognizable platform for the introduction of new technology products in the future.”

About PolyVision Corporation

PolyVision Corporation, headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, is an international manufacturer and installer of visual communication products for the education and corporate markets. They are the leading supplier of light-gauge ceramicsteel, critical in the manufacture of quality writing and projection surfaces. The company also produces menu and merchandising boards for food service and banking institutions. PolyVision is changing the way people learn, work, and communicate visually throughout the world.

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