Polycom Video Communications Deployed Throughout Oklahoma’s Statewide Network

August 9, 2001

PolycomSolutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), a worldwide leader in broadband communication solutions, today announced that OneNet, Oklahoma’s telecommunications and information network for education and government, has selected Polycom’s ViewStationINTO group videoconferencing system, its ViaVideoINTO desktop video communications appliance and the company’s rack-mounted VS4000 for deployment on the OneNet IP network.

OneNet provides Internet and network connectivity throughout the state of Oklahoma to tens-of-thousands of customers and recommends Polycom’s group, desktop and rack-mounted interactive video communications products to all of its video customers. OneNet began 30 years ago as a distance learning network and has grown to include clients such as K-12 schools, higher education institutions, state and federal agencies, military organizations and private corporations. Interactive video communications is one of the most frequently used applications on OneNet’s network. OneNet is the first network to install and operate over 1,000 interactive video classrooms, and the utilization of each room is exceptional, providing over 1,500 class session hours each week. By the end of 2001, OneNet anticipates deploying more than 2,000 video communications systems.

“When we set out to find video endpoints to deploy on our H.323 network, we performed exhaustive research and testing, trying out any product we could get our hands on,” said Bill Johnson, network operations manager for OneNet. “Only Polycom’s video communications products offered the ease of use, reliability, interoperability with other products and price point we required for group, desktop and rack-mounted systems. Since implementing the Polycom equipment, we have seen a significant increase in the use of video communications, which we attribute to the quality of the experience and ease-of-use of the endpoints.”

As one example, the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine uses a wide range of Polycom video communications solutions, running over OneNet’s network, to facilitate both patient care and distance learning for medical students and doctors.

“Using Polycom’s systems over the OneNet H.323 network has positively impacted everything from training, to extending the medical school curriculum, to improving patient care,” said Michael Young, director of telemedicine and distance learning for Oklahoma State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. “We now offer a telemedicine rotation to our medical students as well as remotely train doctors in rural parts of Oklahoma. Through video communications, patients now have better access to specialists, who can connect easily to rural emergency rooms to help with diagnosis and treatment. From a network management standpoint, we’re able to easily manage the entire network of Polycom systems right from the University with Polycom’s Global Management System. Not only does this save time, it also ensures that our users will have an easy and effective videoconferencing experience.”

“In the past, the cost of telecommunications and networking technology has prohibited the widespread deployment of interactive video communications in the budget-conscious government and education sectors,” said Craig Malloy, senior vice president and general manager of video communications at Polycom. “But now, with the availability of OneNet’s H.323 network, the state of Oklahoma is seeing an explosion in the use of videoconferencing for applications ranging from tele-medicine and tele-justice to distance learning. Polycom is proud to be the videoconferencing partner of choice on this state- of-the-art network.”

Polycom ViewStation

Polycom revolutionized the videoconferencing industry with the introduction of its ViewStation, which delivers the quality and performance of high-end videoconferencing systems at a fraction of the cost. Available in a broad product range, including ViewStation FX, VS4000, ViewStation MP, ViewStation 128, ViewStation SP128 and SP384 and ViewStation H.323, the product sets the standard for high-performance, affordable and easy-to-use interactive video communications.

Polycom ViaVideo

Polycom’s ViaVideo is the world’s first integrated desktop video communications appliance that delivers business-quality, interactive video and audio communications from a desktop or laptop PC with a broadband connection. ViaVideo’s breakthrough design combines a high-performance multimedia processor and camera in a compact, single unit.

About OneNet

OneNet is Oklahoma’s telecommunications and information network for education and government. It is a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and is operated in cooperation with the Oklahoma Office of State Finance. OneNet is made possible through a partnership between the State of Oklahoma and private telecommunications companies, enabling OneNet to negotiate reduced rates and utilize established, private communications networks. The result of this partnership is millions of dollars in savings to Oklahoma taxpayers, as well as the rapid development of a telecommunications infrastructure that is one of the most comprehensive in the nation. For more information on OneNet, call 1-888-566-3638, or visit OneNet’s web site at www.onenet.net.

About Polycom

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