Polycom Enhances ReadiVoice Reservationless Audio Conferencing Solution for Service Providers

August 18, 2004

PLEASANTON, Calif. – (Aug. 17, 2004) – Polycom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM), the world’s leader in unified collaborative communications solutions, and audio conferencing technology provider to the world’s top 10 audio conferencing service providers, today introduced the Voyant® ReadiVoice® 2500, the latest version of the company’s award-winning, market leading reservationless audio conferencing solution. With this release, Polycom continues its leadership by delivering the most scalable, reliable and largest-capacity reservationless audio conferencing system.

“Service providers will gain greater operational and port efficiencies, increased overall port count and faster deployment times without new systems costs,” said Bill Ernstrom, general manager of Polycom’s Voyant division. “This release continues Polycom’s focus on product innovation and enhancing service provider value.”

ReadiVoice 2500 is available on Polycom’s InnoVox 4000 and 480 media server architecture, which are the only conferencing media servers in the industry with no single point of failure. The company accomplished this by implementing distributed processing with an innovative ground-up design. InnoVox 4000 offers up to 4032 port capacity per media server, occupying less than 30 percent of a standard 19-inch equipment rack. This makes the InnoVox 4000 the highest-density system available in the marketplace.

InnoVox 4000 features an 89 percent reduction in network cabling and components to improve performance and reliability, and new enhanced binary logging for improved troubleshooting. Customers can deploy multiple InnoVox 4000 media servers using Voyant’s patent-protected SS7 and SIP call routing technology. Since ReadiVoice supports both non-routed and routed calls, customers receive optimal performance, increased reliability and maximum uptime from each and every system.

ReadiVoice 2500 includes the highly anticipated “waiting room” feature, which enhances security and flexibility by allowing users to lock their conference and then place new callers into a hold queue while screening participants for conference entry. End users have the option to place and keep callers in the waiting room until they are ready to begin a conference. This is especially useful when back-to-back conferences are to be held on the same ReadiVoice account.

ReadiVoice 2500 also includes an improved moderator or user interface. With the new HTML-based conference management interface, service providers will receive a user-friendly tabular format, enhanced phonebook capabilities, and additional screen space to handle a larger number of conference participants or the new waiting room feature. In addition, ReadiVoice now enables users to dial out to participants during a locked conference and add them into the call.

About ReadiVoice
Polycom’s award-winning, patent-protected Voyant ReadiVoice system combines the latest in hardware and software technology to meet the demand for high-capacity, always-available, totally automated conferencing. This next-generation conferencing technology enables end-users to initiate conference calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without the need to make reservations or contact operators. Holding a conference is as simple as dialing an access number and an optional account code.

About Polycom
Polycom, Inc. is the world’s technology leader of high-quality, easy-to-use video, voice, data and web conferencing and collaboration solutions. The Polycom Office™ is our continued commitment to make distance communications as natural and interactive as being there by providing best-in-class conferencing solutions that are interoperable, integrated and intuitive to the user. The Polycom Office is based on industry standards and supported by an open architecture that promotes interoperability in multi-vendor environments and complements leading network infrastructure platforms. For additional information call 1-800-POLYCOM (765-9266) or +1-408-526-9000, or visit the Polycom website at http://www.polycom.com/.

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