Plateau Joins Documentum Signature Partner Program Agreement Provides Strong Support, Easy Integration With Leading Developer of Content Management Systems

November 7, 2001

Plateau Systems, a provider of enterprise software that manages learning and knowledge processes for organizations, today announced it has joined the Documentum Signature Partner Program. Documentum (Nasdaq: DCTM) is the leading provider of enterprise content management. The partnership will focus on enabling organizations using Documentum 4iä eBusiness Platform to integrate rapidly with Plateau1s software, and continuing support and enterprise-wide compatibility between the two applications through future releases.

The Plateau Learning Management System (LMS) has integrated smoothly with Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform at companies such as Guidant Corp. and AstraZeneca. Through these integrations, organizations with any training documents in the Documentum repository can use Plateau LMS to automatically alert all affected workers if their training profile is revised. In companies where training is mission-critical, education profiles are often revised hundreds of times a month, affecting thousands of workers. Automating this process reduces learning cycles and creates immediate cost savings in training budgets.

Documentum and Plateau are committed to cooperative quality control for their integrated products, which are engineered around shared foundations such as Oracle and Java. Plateau will now have access to Documentum Consulting, as well as automatic software upgrades and technical support, and all Plateau programmers will continue being trained on the Documentum 4i platform.

2Plateau and Documentum have integrations in place today that are providing enormous value in mission-critical training environments by enabling knowledge to be managed in a personalized and time efficient manner,2 said Jay De Walt, vice president of partner initiatives for Documentum. 3This partnership will expand our ability to develop and deliver solutions that solve real business problems and create tangible Returns On Investment (ROI).2

3We consider Documentum to be a critical partner in industries where Plateau and Documentum already have proven their leadership,2 said Brad Cooper, senior vice president of Plateau. 3The ability to automatically revise training histories whenever a quality control or manufacturing procedure changes has proven to be indispensable for Plateau and Documentum customers. Many of our customers perform hundreds to thousands of such revisions a month, and we plan to aggressively expand our work together to provide these efficiencies for more customers.2

The partnership will be particularly beneficial for the vertical industries in which Plateau and Documentum share a wide customer base, such as pharmaceutical, energy, chemical and heavy manufacturing. Federal regulators in these industries have strict guidelines for electronic documents, and impose regular audits on each company1s document systems. By integrating Plateau LMS and Documentum 4i, enterprises can show regulators they have a way of automating learning management as it relates to all document and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) updates.

About Documentum: Documentum is the industry1s leading enterprise content management provider, automating the production, exchange and personalization of all types of content, making it easier for the Global 2000 to gain competitive advantage by connecting employees, business partners and customers, worldwide. Built on an Internet-scale, XML-enabled and standards-compliant platform, Documentum products manage Web content, power portals, enable collaborative commerce, and solve regulatory content challenges. Over 300 partners across all major industries, including high tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consulting services, government, manufacturing, financial services, automotive, retail, and consumer goods, build and implement specialized applications using Documentum1s content management infrastructure. For more information, visit Documentum on the Web at

About Plateau: Plateau manages learning and knowledge processes for organizations, improving their business operations by integrating and delivering the knowledge employees, customers and partners require to excel. Plateau1s software supports online and traditional learning methods, and integrates seamlessly with other enterprise software applications to enhance their value and reduce the cycle of learning. The Plateau 4 Learning Management System (LMS) is currently providing blended learning solutions for organizations across the globe, including Motorola University, Federal Express, Bristol Myers-Squibb and the U.S. Air Force. The company was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Internet Users: Plateau1s news releases, electronic press kits, media and sales contacts and other important information are available on Plateau1s Web site at

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