Plateau 4 LMS VERSION 4.1 Extends Plateau Systems ‘   Leadership in Enterprise Learning Management

June 5, 2002

In building an enterprise application based on the most open, accepted software architecture available today, Plateau has created a learning and knowledge platform that will never become outdated, can be customized with little development effort and easily integrated with other applications to automate business processes. No other LMS on the market allows this type of customization and flexibility.

New features in Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 include:

  • Enhanced domain and organizational mapping -allows organizations with multiple business units to manage learning and processes hierarchically and across units at the enterprise level, while letting divisions maintain their own data, roles and security

  • Extensible workflow, security and role management- allows the accelerated creation of new/custom workflows and roles. Includes data access/security features, and support of differentiated learning catalogs for deployment to targeted learner groups

  • Localization and internationalization -multi-byte language support on a single application and database server instance. Supports English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese languages as well as custom label sets.

Several enterprise customers, including Mutual of Omaha and the United States Air Force, are implementing Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 to manage learning and knowledge across their enterprise. Plateau 4LMS v4.1 fully supports all required portions of the SCORM 1.2 standard and is AICC-certified, providing out of the box support for compliant content from third- party vendors. Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 has modular extensions to WebEx Training Center(tm) and Macromedia Dreamweaver(tm) – giving customers proven integration with best-in-breed virtual learning and authoring tools.

Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 provides granular learning content management capabilities. By managing content at the objective level, Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 allows organizations to reuse content based on individual student requirements and create repositories for Shareable Content Objects (SCOs) that can be retrieved and used as needed – the core deployment functions offered by Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS).

Plateau’s industry-leading architecture and the depth of its application has been proven in most rigorous implementations in the industry. Federal officials recently said in a study that J2EE/EJB was the most open, flexible software architecture available today, and recommended it for all E-Gov initiatives. Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 is the only enterprise-class LMS built on a fully Web-based, J2EE-compliant platform, a critical differentiator in an industry that demands open, scalable and customizable technology.

“Plateau 4 LMS v4.1 expands the technology leadership Plateau created with Plateau 4 LMS, and is further validation of our effort to focus on scalability, flexibility and open architecture,” said Paul Sparta, Plateau’s Chairman and CEO. “Enhancing our domain mapping and workflow framework is a groundbreaking effort that positions Plateau as the only LMS provider addressing the true business needs of large, diversified enterprises.”