Continues Recent Successes with Approval by California

July 21, 2003

PORTLAND, OR – July 18, 2003. California education officials have announced that the Portland company Renaissance Education Group, Inc. has been selected as a state-approved supplemental education services provider. Through their learning community, the company delivers live and interactive instruction in high school math and science. The online instructional consists of a point-by-point series of 15-minute instructional lessons on the newly-adopted California high school content standards, making them an absolutely unique resource for both the supplemental services program and for schools seeking to prepare their students for the California state high school exit exam.
This approval continues a remarkable run of successes for the company; in recent months they have been approved by Alaskan officials for their supplemental services program, the Interior Distance Education of Alaska program has selected them as an approved vendor, and the nationally-recognized HomeSource alternative school has adopted as their online course provider.
“We are pleased that our online instruction will so helpful to students and schools in California” said Michael Hosking, Ph.D., president and founder of Renaissance Education Group, Inc. “Their truly is no other resource like this on the Web for California students; we have taught every single point in the content standards for algebra and biology, and these are now available from our archives 24 hours a day to California students. This fall we will add live delivery of geometry, again based point-by-point on the California standards. The recent postponement of the high school exit exam in California was based, in part, on the need for more direct instruction on the standards, and now high-level instruction on these standards is available to all students in the state. “
Using unique streaming technology, faculty are able to teach on the Internet via a standard whiteboard coupled with voice. As in a classroom with a chalkboard, the method allows teachers to illustrate examples, work math problems, and give dynamic instruction in real-time.

About Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

Renaissance Education Group, Inc. is an educational consulting and content delivery company located in Portland, OR. It was founded by Michael Hosking, Ph.D., a former professor of biology at Davidson College. is the company’s web-based education system and comprises the company’s advanced learning management system through which they currently deliver science and math educational content.

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