Adds Algebra II, Cutting-Edge Virtual Classroom

September 8, 2004

Students at can now access full courses in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Biology- each consisting of actual lessons taught by an expert teacher using a remarkable low-bandwidth dry-erase board and voice system for live and archived instruction. This whiteboard space is also integrated into our new virtual classroom so that students and teachers can work problems together, the teachers using standard whiteboards with regular markers for completly natural writing and spontaneous problem-solving.

The community is designed to provide expert teaching online for regularly enrolled students who need supplemental math and science instruction or homeschool families in need of curriculum and access to expert teachers. See our over 250 math and science lessons at PersonalProfessors. is a hybrid teaching/tutoring system based on the belief that the true promise of the Web for education is its ability to connect knowledge experts with learners and to facilitate educationally meaningful communication- context, not text content. For more information contact