Pearson Education and XanEdu Create New Digital Standard

September 25, 2001

XanEdu recently announced a partnership with Pearson Education to create fully integrated print and digital CoursePack solutions with Pearson’s Custom Publishing Division.

Generating specialized CoursePacks to complement designated textbook curricula, the partnership will link proven texts with XanEdu’s vast digital archive of commercial and scholarly journals, periodicals, newspapers, books, dissertations, primary literature works and academic collections.

“XanEdu and Pearson Education recognize that the future of academic content is in the digital realm,” said Lew Gossage, XanEdu’s General Manager. “Our ability to meet each professors’ individual course needs is unprecedented and will serve to improve the quality of information faculty can provide their students.”

Pearson’s unrivaled publishing reach in the higher education market will bring digital content within the reach of thousands of students and faculty. Faculty will have the flexibility to select print or digital versions of XanEdu powered CoursePacks.

“Pearson Education strengthens its electronic offerings and digital archive by partnering with XanEdu,” said Don Kilburn, President of Pearson Custom Publishing. “Aggressively pursuing fully integrated digital CoursePack solutions will position Pearson Education and XanEdu as the standard for electronic publishing in the higher education market.”

The first integrated CoursePack solutions will premier with textbooks in the subject areas of business and economics disciplines. This innovative CoursePack offering will be available for faculty to implement in their classrooms this fall.