Pathlore Unveils New Learning-Management System

March 16, 2004

“Compliance with federal regulations is essential to our bank, and we’ve relied on the Pathlore LMS to help us track and report on our level of readiness,” says Paul Dickerson, e-learning manager at PNC Bank. “Pathlore LMS 6.0 ought to make what is already an industry-leading product even better.”

“Banks, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and airlines ask us to serve up training on an array of industry standards,” notes Steve Thomas, president and chief executive officer of Pathlore. “They also want an ironclad system in place for proving that workers have acquired the skills to do their jobs.”

Thomas says the Pathlore LMS 6.0 suite gives customers more than 50 new features to do these sorts of things. Among these are a bevy of security and compliance tools. For example, LMS 6.0 includes components that:

    ·Construct audit trails and electronic signatures, which meet the code of federal regulations for electronic records (FDA 21 CFR Part 11).
    ·Measure, analyze and track employee know-how.
    ·Meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which sets standards for making information technology available to people with disabilities.
    ·Arm administrators with new ways to monitor and control access to the LMS.
    ·Alert workers when they need to take training.

According to Gartner, an LMS can be a compliance officer’s best tool for disseminating information. In an October 9, 2003, report titled, “Use an E-Learning LMS to Ensure Regulation Compliance,” Gartner Analysts James Lundy and Debra Logan say, “To enable easier compliance with industry regulations, enterprises without an LMS should consider deploying one.”

Along with tools for complying with government regulations, Pathlore packed LMS 6.0 with cutting-edge features for blended learning. One example is a content management capability that, among other things, allows customers to draw together different modes of training such as classroom instruction, online courses and virtual classes.

“Our content management feature allows trainers to deliver only what workers need in terms of education,” says Leonard Greenberg, chief technology officer for Pathlore. “With our LMS, employees won’t have to wade through unnecessary training to reach the topics they care most about.”

According to Greenberg, electronically tailoring education to suit employees’ needs cuts the time spent taking – and creating – training.

“A long-standing goal of those who make and use learning technology has been to create reusable ‘learning objects,’ which are building blocks like lectures, lessons or tests,” Greenberg says. “LMS 6.0 offers a supercharged capability for reusing these building blocks in different ways for different audiences.”

For instance, training staff can tap LMS 6.0 to build, say, a targeted manager trainee program. After that has been built, trainers can draw on Pathlore’s blended-learning tools to easily pull learning objects from the program and assemble, for example, a 45-minute report-writing course. With the LMS 6.0 content management features, trainers can stack and sort these objects to design education that fits each worker’s needs as well as style of learning.

“Pathlore’s LMS played a part in helping us increase sales and improve customer satisfaction,” adds Bob Allen, president of Brink’s Home Security. “It’s a good bet that any tools Pathlore adds to its product will put a punch in your corporate training programs.”

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