Pathlore Learning Management System Selected by Mail Boxes Etc. For National Employee Training Program

March 20, 2002

COLUMBUS, Ohio -March 19, 2002 – Pathlore, the most widely adopted LMS provider

in the marketplace, today announced that Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) will use Pathlore

Learning Management System (LMS) to deploy its training programs to U.S. franchisees

and their employees. The move enhances MBE’s current training programs by providing

an organized and centralized system for curriculum management and delivery,

through which users can access needed training and instruction.

"Customer service is at the core of MBE’s business," said Heather

Rose, vice president of learning and people services at MBE. "Pathlore

LMS enables us to create a customized and consistent training platform across

our U.S. network, putting every employee in a position to better communicate

the value we bring to the customer. We’re certain this will greatly enhance

the quality and consistency of our service and subsequently help each of our

franchisees build his or her business."

With more than 3,500 franchises across the United States, MBE’s Web-based training

programs are expected to reach nearly 20,000 franchisees and their employees

nationwide. The curriculum will be developed at the MBE home office in San Diego,

Calif., and deployed through Pathlore LMS. The courseware will be available

to franchisees via the company’s intranet. The curriculum will cover a range

of training and procedural matters such as packaging and customer service, enabling

the company to provide its franchisees and their employees with a unified view

of its offerings, services, procedures, policies and corporate philosophy.

"The e-Learning movement is allowing companies like MBE to bring new value

to training activities," said Steve Thomas, president and CEO of Pathlore.

"Companies are looking for a way to deliver training and education to geographically

dispersed business units with greater consistency, quality and ease. We’re very

pleased that MBE has chosen Pathlore LMS to help reinvent its national training

and employee development program."

In addition to online training sessions, the MBE training program will continue

to include traditional classroom seminars as well as video and print instruction

and reference materials. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a seamless

learning environment that, through Pathlore LMS, integrates all training content

for franchisees and their employees.

"Pathlore LMS allows us to easily create one place where our users can

quickly see what’s available to them," Rose said. "It might be an

online course, a two-page reference sheet, or a video they can order from the

home office. Since it’s so adaptable, Pathlore LMS allows us to include all

these elements and define them with terms that are already familiar to our franchisees

and their employees."