Pathlore Gives a Helping Hand to Virginia Social Services Institute

April 27, 2004

Before purchasing the Pathlore LMS, the VISSTA system was actually five separate tracking systems that made it challenging to get a statewide and strategic view of training and development needs, and accurate statewide reports.

“There was a lot of legwork involved in tracking who took a single course,” says Steve Thomas, Pathlore’s president and chief executive. “The process included a lot of paperwork and follow-up phone calls.”

Once the LMS is in place, Pathlore says VISSTA’s finance team will be able to run reports after classes end and get reimbursements from the federal government in 30 days.

“Along with speeding up reimbursements, they’ll save administrative costs with the LMS,” Thomas says. “Instead of phone calls, local staff will be able to go online to register for classes.

“Virginia, like most states, has budget concerns, so having Pathlore’s hosting services supply the software and day-to-day IT management has made it possible for VISSTA to buy an LMS,” Thomas adds.

Those benefits are clear to researchers at Framingham, Mass.-based IDC, too.

“While researching pricing for hosted learning-management systems, IDC found major discrepancies in price,” says Michael Brennan, program manager for IDC’s Learning Services research. “We found one vendor charging between 30 and 70 times more than Pathlore for hosting a comparable number of customers.”

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