Pathlore First Major LMS Vendor Certified by E-Learning Standards Groups

November 3, 2003

“The ADL and AICC certification programs ensure that customers can validate a vendor’s claim of interoperability,” said Leonard Greenberg, chief technology officer at Pathlore. “Since 1997, we’ve lobbied for the adoption of standards across our industry because we want customers to know that the content they buy or build will run in a standard way on the LMS they choose.”

For ADL certification, Pathlore shipped its product to the ADL Certification Test Center at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport, Washington. And the center’s staff ran the LMS through its paces. In January 2003, Pathlore announced that it adopted the ADL’s Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Version 1.2, an e-learning standards initiative sponsored by the U. S. Department of Defense. Until SCORM, there were no commonly accepted standards in e-learning systems. The Defense Department played a key role in creating the SCORM to ensure that e-learning and training tools run smoothly with one another.

The AICC certified Pathlore’s LMS in August 2003. After testing the software maker’s product, the group found Pathlore’s LMS compliant with the AICC’s Web-Based Computer Managed Instruction Systems (CMI) Guideline (AGR-010).

There are hundreds of vendors selling learning-management systems, but Pathlore was the first major LMS certified by the world’s two leading e-learning standards groups.

“While meeting these certifications won’t guarantee that all interoperability problems will go away,” said Carrie Picardi, research analyst with Stamford, Conn.-based META Group, “any software maker meeting the requirements of the ADL and AICC certification programs enables a higher degree of confidence in the product that will likely be a key influencing factor when making a purchasing decision.”

On October 27, 2003, the ADL, along with the Carnegie Mellon University Learning Systems Architecture Lab, hosted “Plugfest,” a series of annual events staged to discuss e-learning standards. During the four-day event in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University’s University Center, the ADL recognized Pathlore for not only adopting the SCORM but also meeting the standards group’s certification program.

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