Pathlore CEO Steve Thomas Remarks On DigitalThink Claim of “Introducing e-Learning”

March 5, 2001

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Pathlore President and CEO Steve Thomas today provided comments on a news release issued earlier this morning by DigitalThink Inc. claiming the five-year-old company has surpassed 1 million enrollments in its courseware and “introduced e-Learning.”

“I indeed want to congratulate DigitalThink chairman and CEO Pete Goettner on his company’s recent achievements,” said Thomas. “The e-Learning industry is enjoying some well-deserved limelight in 2001, and DigitialThink’s accomplishment of 1 million enrollments is further evidence of the maturation of e-Learning as a key business movement.

“At Pathlore, we are very proud of our e-Learning accomplishments as well, with more than 1.2 million enrollments in our U.S. Navy Learning Network e-Learning initiative alone – the single largest e-Learning deployment anywhere in the world. Pathlore customers see e-Learning as the ultimate competitive advantage by building a smarter, faster and empowered work force.

“The curious thing about DigitalThink’s announcement today, about which I feel especially compelled to comment, is the company’s claim that it ‘introduced e-Learning to the world’ five years ago. Pathlore already had surpassed 1 million e-Learning enrollments and had more than 1,000 corporate customers before later e-Learning companies such as DigitalThink, Saba and Docent even existed. Perhaps in planning its well-deserved celebration, the good people at DigitalThink got slightly carried away.”

Thomas has worked in the software and training industries for more than 20 years, and has been president and CEO of Pathlore since its birth in November 1995, when he helped create Pathlore by leading the buyout of Legent’s Information Technology Division. Under Thomas, Pathlore has grown its work force six-fold, opening five offices around the world. Thomas has led Pathlore through a merger with Silton-Bookman Systems, and launched five products, most recently Pathlore Learning Management System. Thomas has grown Pathlore from a small spin-off with first-year revenues of $5.6 million to one of the top Web learning companies with revenue of more than $23 million just four years later.

About Pathlore

Pathlore (, the most widely deployed e-Learning management system provider, helps organizations improve their competitiveness by using the Internet for learning and sharing knowledge with their employees, customers and suppliers. Its 2,500 corporate customers are dominated by the Global 2000 and include 75 percent of the Fortune 100. Pathlore is based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Washington, D.C., Cupertino, Calif., Europe and the Pacific Rim.