Pathlore Achieves Leader Status in METAspectrum

April 2, 2004

According to META Group, the new METAspectrum evaluation provides an objective assessment of companies with “products that enable the registration, delivery, tracking, hosting and administration of learning events.”

Pathlore was positioned in the leadership segment of the METAspectrum analysis, and was specifically recognized for its strong execution as well as enhancements to its enterprise LMS suite. According to Pathlore, these enhancements include an array of tools for “blended learning,” a mix of classroom instruction, Internet-based training, virtual classes and online assessments. One example of the things Pathlore has added to its software is a content management capability. This capability allows customers to draw together – and deliver to employees – different modes of training such as classroom instruction, online courses and virtual classes. Pathlore says this capability lets trainers design education that fits each worker’s needs as well as style of learning.

“We’re pleased that META Group’s analysts rated Pathlore as a leader in their most recent METAspectrum,” said Steve Thomas, Pathlore’s president and chief executive officer. “We’ve enjoyed another strong year of sales in the United States as well as overseas, which has allowed us to not only increase our level of profitability but also the investment we’ve made to R&D.”

During 2003, Pathlore generated approximately $25 million in revenue, a 10 percent uptick from the prior year’s mark. The growth in revenue stems from Pathlore’s ability to win deals at home and abroad in the areas of healthcare, banking and government.

In 2003, the Ohio-based company and its global partners announced contracts with organizations including Australia Post, Italian Training Institute (IAL), DaimlerChrysler UK, Nissan, BMW Great Britain, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, US Bancorp, U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

“We’ve rated LMS companies as leaders because these firms enjoy strong client commitment,” said Carrie Picardi, senior research analyst at META Group. “And we heard few, if any, complaints or concerns from users of their tools.”

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About Pathlore
Founded in 1995, Columbus, Ohio-headquartered Pathlore develops software that delivers, tracks and reports on corporate training over the Internet. Customers use Pathlore’s products to increase sales, comply with government regulations and adhere to quality initiatives. The privately held company’s client roster includes Delta Air Lines, NEC America Inc., Novartis, PNC Bank, Southwest Airlines, more than 100 hospitals and health care providers and government agencies in over 30 states including California, Ohio and Texas. Pathlore has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. And the firm works with a network of resellers based in Australia, England, Poland and South Africa. For more information, go to