Paige Introduces New Enhancing Education Through Technology Program

March 28, 2002

In an effort to improve student achievement through the use of technology, U.S.

Secretary of Education Rod Paige today announced that states can apply for grants

under the new Enhancing Education Through Technology (ED Tech) program.

The goals of the new program, which is included in the No Child Left Behind

Act, are to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology

in elementary schools and secondary schools; assist students in crossing the

digital divide by ensuring that they are technologically literate by the time

they finish the eighth grade; and ensure that teachers are able to integrate

technology into the curriculum to improve student achievement.

"It’s not enough to have a computer and an Internet connection in the

classroom if they are not turned on. It’s not even enough to turn them on if

they are not integrated into the curriculum," Secretary Paige said. "And

it’s pointless to integrate them into the curriculum if they don’t add value

to student performance. "So our mission should be about the quality of

education, not the quantity of computers. We must focus on how we use technology

to get results. And that’s what this program is designed to do."

The Ed Tech program provides $700 million for FY2002 to the states and territories.

Applications must describe:

  • Goals for using advanced technology to improve student academic achievement,

    and how those goals are aligned with challenging state academic standards.

  • The long-term strategies for improving student academic achievement, through

    the effective use of technology in classrooms.

  • How the state will ensure that technology will be fully integrated into

    the curricula and instruction of the schools by December 31, 2006.

  • How the states address teacher preparation, professional development, and

    curriculum development to ensure that teachers and principals in the state

    are technologically literate.

  • The strategies the state will use to encourage the use of distance learning

    for the rigorous academic courses.

The steps the state will take to ensure that all students and teachers, particularly

those in high-need schools, have increased access to technology.

A state may use up to five percent of its allotment for state-level activities,

and distribute the remainder of the funds on a formula or competitive basis

to school districts or other eligible local organizations that have submitted


To accommodate states that may need funding immediately to maintain services

as they make the transition from the predecessor technology program to the new

program, the department intends to award allocations of about $150,000 per state

immediately. The department plans to provide the remaining portions of their

allotments after their applications have been approved and the FY2002 allocations

are final.

For a copy of the application and information on the goals and purposes of

the program, visit the department’s website at

Contact: David Thomas

(202) 401-1576