Over 30,000 Students Stayed in Online Courses Because of Embanet’s 24/7/365 Live Technical Support

February 9, 2005

“Embanet’s help desk continues to be one of the best student retention tools for institutions with online programs”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation. “Our Level 3 Help Desk Analysts are trained with the single goal of keeping learners in their courses with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. Our belief that having highly trained help desk analysts who are sympathetic to the challenges of an online learner, are able to solve the issue on the first contact nearly all of the time and have the soft skills tools to address the emotional needs of the student, makes all the difference in the world to the online learner. This is reflected in an institution’s return on investment and the ultimate success of its online programs.”

Embanet’s team of Help Desk Analysts are Level 3 experts in the seven learning platforms that Embanet supports, which enables learners contacting the Embanet Help Desk to have their issues resolved on the first contact nearly all of the time. In addition, Embanet trains its Help Desk Analysts in technical issues that are beyond the learning platform in areas that include web browser plug-ins, security software and popular third party software that can often prevent a learner from successfully completing an online course.

“If you consider that most institutions have a cost of $1,500 to $5,000 to acquire a learner, the ability to keep that learner in a course is a tremendous cost savings”, says Waleuska L. Lazo, CEO of Embanet Corporation. “Add to this the potential loss of tuition revenue of not just one course, but of all the courses in a certificate or degree program and the magnitude of savings that the Embanet Help Desk provides to institutions becomes apparent. The entire Embanet Help Desk Team will do whatever it takes not only to keep a learner in the course, but also to work with the learner to complete the program of study. I am incredibly proud of the Embanet Help Desk Team for its fierce commitment to student success and quality”.

Embanet’s 24/7/365 live help desk enables institutions to offer around the clock support without the significant capital expenditures and time required for a similar offering with internal resources. As the popularity of online programs continues to increase, institutions face the significant challenge of scaling internal resources in a manner that is consistent with the quality and timelines expected by the students and the marketplace.

When the Embanet Retention Factorâ„¢ is taken into account, the effective cost of the Embanet solution is typically far below an institutions internal costs and provides more coverage and services than most institutions can provide on their own.

Around the clock support for learners across the nation and around the world, a help desk solution that understands the challenges of online learners and the ability to maximize student success and completion, are some of the many critical success factors that Embanet seamlessly integrates into an institution’s online program. The end result is the opportunity to increase return on investment.

About Embanet Corporation
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