Organizers of International Conference on HIV/AIDS Education Turn to Centra to Enable Virtual Participation in Annual Meeting

March 29, 2002

LEXINGTON, MA – Centra (NASDAQ: CTRA), the leading provider

of business software solutions for eLearning and real-time collaboration, today

announced that the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC)

will use Centra’s real-time Web conferencing software to enable virtual participation

in the Fifth Annual International Conference on Healthcare Resource Allocation

for HIV/AIDS (ICHRA). Scheduled to take place April 15-17, 2002, in Rio de Janeiro,

Brazil, the entire ICHRA 2002 program will be made available to globally dispersed

healthcare professionals in remote locations using Centra. This year’s agenda

will be highlighted by the introduction of a new set of HIV/AIDS therapy guidelines

to be introduced at the Conference by the World Health Organization (WHO.)

"People around the world are benefiting from instantaneous access to far-off

libraries, universities, and other troves of information over the Web,"

said Jose M. Zuniga, President and CEO of IAPAC. "Physicians are reinventing

their profession, utilizing telemedicine to administer off-site diagnoses or

accessing up-to-the-minute clinical guidelines over the Internet. Inequities

in access to this kind of information, however, have created a ‘digital divide’

within the medical community, which is why our partnership with Centra is critical."

In response to this inequity, IAPAC initiated the Internet Medical Exchange

program, also known as I-Med Exchange. I-Med Exchange aims to provide computer

hardware and software, Internet and e-mail access, an HIV/AIDS educational Web-based

curriculum, and the creation of physician partnerships over the Web. The I-Med

Exchange Program is taking the lead in bringing knowledge and training to the

people who need it most, relying on Centra to help them deliver classroom training

to participating physicians in real-time over the Internet. Utilizing Centra’s

capabilities for integrated voice over IP and high-performance over dial-up

network connections, healthcare workers in remote areas of Southern Africa are

able to collaborate online with world-renowned AIDS experts and participate

in annual meetings to exchange ideas, share documents, and receive training

on the latest medical developments and therapies. Added Zuniga, "In some

parts of the world, acquiring small-scale access to antiretroviral therapy has

represented a major breakthrough. In other settings, the challenge is not access.

The challenge is filtering a vast amount of information about a dizzying array

of treatments. Using Centra, we are able to offer programs that help address

the global crisis of access to HIV/AIDS care, while allowing remote medical

personnel to get the information and education they require to make a difference

in the treatment of this disease within their local communities." Software

Infrastructure for eLearning and Collaboration Used in over 775 companies, government

agencies and universities worldwide, Centra’s enterprise products and services

are based on CentraOne(, a robust and extensible thin-client architecture for

eLearning and collaboration. By leveraging the core capabilities of the Web-based

CentraOne platform, Centra is the only company to offer a full range of compatible

eLearning and collaboration solutions – from voice-enabled virtual classrooms,

Web conferences, and online meetings to powerful products for content management,

personalized eLearning, and standards-compliant authoring. Through this integrated

environment, organizations can increase the overall effectiveness of their eLearning

initiatives, targeting the appropriate mix of live and self-paced learning formats

and activities for each audience or strategic business task.

"One of Centra’s key advantages for these remote doctors and healthcare

professionals is that we can deliver highly collaborative eLearning quickly

over the lowest Internet connections – which makes Centra an ideal and much

desired solution for users in regions with less advanced communications infrastructure,"

said Tony Mark, President and Chief Operating Officer of Centra. "We are

pleased to help IAPAC tackle one of the most serious social and medical challenges

facing the world population today through education and the rapid dissemination

of timely information and skills."


The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) represents

more than 10,500 member physicians and healthcare professionals in 52 countries.

IAPAC is devoted to crafting and implementing global strategies to better the

lives of all people affected by HIV/AIDS. For more information, visit

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