Operator of national nuclear security administration plant Selects Plateau

March 6, 2002

ARLINGTON, VA – March 4, 2002 – Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies

(Honeywell), operator of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas

City Plant, has selected the Plateau 4 Learning Management System (LMS) to automate

the scheduling and delivery of learning for its 4,000 engineers, employees and

contractors. Kansas City Plant is a defense systems manufacturing facility charged

with strengthening national security.

At the Kansas City Plant, Honeywell develops and produces non-nuclear components

for systems used to defend against weapons of mass destruction. Honeywell operates

three separate factories under the strictest quality control – and is continually

honing its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and manufacturing specifications

to ensure the highest grade for all its production.

Plateau 4 LMS is a Web-based application that lets organizations automate the

delivery of these new SOPs and specifications. Every time a procedure changes,

Plateau 4 LMS searches by qualifications for every affected engineer and specialist,

automatically updates their development plans and alerts them by e-mail that

they need retraining on the procedure. Plateau 4 LMS lets organizations schedule

and deliver this new learning either online or in the classroom, and tracks

every person who completes training on the new course or procedure.

Plateau 4 LMS also natively determines – based on previous skill assessments

and grades – how much new training each employee requires, and then tailors

instruction and learning content to their individual needs. This adaptive learning

strategy greatly reduces learning cycles, IT costs and failure rates for large,

diversified organizations.

"As an ISO 9001 certified plant that uses Six Sigma Plus as a measure

of total quality, Honeywell is striving to achieve manufacturing processes that

are 99.9997% error-free," said Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Plateau

Systems. "Plateau 4 LMS will help Honeywell to achieve and maintain this

outstanding quality standard at a lower cost – and with less down-time for training

its employees."

Honeywell is replacing its legacy training systems and importing all old learning

data into Plateau 4 LMS, and will use Macromedia Dreamweaver(tm) to develop

online courses that run seamlessly on Plateau’s application. Additionally, Honeywell

is integrating Plateau 4 LMS with its PeopleSoft Human Resources Information

System. The integration allows Honeywell to automatically create learning development

plans for all its engineers and contractors, and update those plans when employees

change job positions or functions.

About Plateau: Plateau manages learning and knowledge processes for organizations,

improving their business operations by integrating and delivering the knowledge

employees, customers and partners require to excel. Plateau 4 Learning Management

System (LMS) is built on open, J2EE/EJB architecture. Plateau’s global clients

include Motorola University, Federal Express, Bristol Myers-Squibb and the U.S.

Air Force. The company was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Arlington,

Virginia. Internet Users: Plateau’s news releases, electronic press kits, media

and sales contacts are available at www.plateau.com http://www.plateau.com/