OnlineNow.TV Broadband Video Rentals Cut Business Training Costs

May 3, 2001

SANTA ROSA. Calif. — OnlineNow.TV, Inc., the syndicated network for broadband video rentals, announced the Grand Opening of with hundreds of affordable, streaming business video rentals and free previews in English and Spanish.

“We eliminate the time and physical costs of traditional video production and shipping,” said Phil Doyle, Chairman. “New and best-selling, business videos that cost up to US$899.00 can now be rented and watched online – anywhere, anytime – for US$49.95 or less.”

Despite the slowdown of e-commerce and the economy, OnlineNow.TV, Inc. is expanding steadily worldwide. The company announced in January that it had licensed more than a thousand business videos in 21 languages for streaming video rentals.

“We use the Internet to cut costs, lower prices and open new global markets. We’re now in our fourth year of profitably selling business videos, audios, CDs, books and MP3audiobooks to thousands of business customers in 44 countries at, ” said Doyle.

“A core component of our recent growth is Internet syndication at Companies throughout the world now provide streaming business videos to their customers and employees from their own logo-branded, syndicated sites that we create and maintain for them. Every business website now can enjoy profitable e-commerce revenue with streaming video rentals,” he added.

Analysts remain bullish about the business e-learning market. The future of corporate e-learning looks extremely bright with worldwide revenues graduating beyond the US$23 billion mark by 2004 from less than US$2 billion at yearend 1999, according to IDC. [more e-learning news and quotes are available at

E-learning is a cost-effective alternative to instructor-led training. Unlike classroom learning, streaming videos allow companies to train their employees anytime, anywhere – at home, in a hotel, at their desk at work – at a flexible pace tailored to individual employees’ schedules.

Broadband video rentals are becoming a basic requirement for corporate survival as the speed of change quickens and as competition increases. During tight budgets, the demand for e-learning expands dramatically because it eliminates expensive travel and seminar costs.

http://OnlineNow.TV provides superior business skills and knowledge since 1997 to companies and business people in 44 countries to help them succeed in their businesses, careers and personal lives.

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