Online University Consortium Releases Learner Assessment Tool

October 15, 2003

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Online University Consortium, the nation’s largest network of top name universities, today announced its new Web-based assessment tool for prospective students considering online degree programs. The Online Learner Assessment helps students determine their aptitude for online education in order to choose the best solution for their individual learning style. The assessment takes less than five minutes to complete and provides students with instant feedback through scoring results and recommendations for learner success. “The release of the Online Learner Assessment tool enables Online UC to match qualified learners with qualified degree programs,” notes Greg Eisenbarth, Online UC’s Executive Director. “The tool helps learners avoid costly mistakes by making the best education choice for their individual needs. This allows targeted development and enhances ROI for corporations funding employee training.”

Research verifies that the most beneficial learning outcomes occur when

degree programs are appropriately matched with the needs, styles and motivation levels of learners. Effective education practices also prove that assessment – a key component of the education process – is the best method for identifying qualified learners as candidates for future enrollment.

Design of Online UC’s assessment tool was led by Marcia L. Conner. Conner worked in collaboration with a team of professionals that developed the first online ACT/SAT college prep assessment engine. Conner is Managing Director of the Ageless Learner, a Virginia-based think tank focused on learning across the lifespan.

“If you can recognize your style,” said Conner, “your can identify learning opportunities that best satisfy your needs and help realize your potential.” Conner will release two books this year; Learn More Now, published by John Wiley & Sons, and Creating a Learning Culture, from Cambridge University Press. The assessment tool is free at Custom licensing andassessment hosting are available by request.

About Online University Consortium
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