Online MBA Asynchronous Discussion Workload and Value Perceptions for Instructors and Learners: Working Toward an Integrated Educational Model for Professional Adults

February 22, 2013

This paper reviews the outcomes of a year-long survey examining the perceived workload and value of asynchronous discussion shared by MBA adult learners and instructors engaged in the same classes. Results are characterized for each stakeholder group (instructors or learners) and compared between them. The different response profiles of learners and instructors are discussed as well as the implications for the Discussion Guideline introduced last year. Class size and course level had a differentiating impact on learners and instructors. The research further found a significant relationship between learners and instructors on workload perception, but not on hours spent or value perception. The implications of course and discussion design for an adult learner educational model are discussed.

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

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