Online MA In Marketing Samples Give A Taste Of OUBS Study

March 22, 2002

Prospective Open University Business School (OUBS) students can receive sample

course materials from the MA in Marketing postgraduate degree direct to their

PC or laptop. The six-week series gives potential students the chance to experience

OUBS study before committing to the full MA programme, and allows them to get

a taste of the topics covered in the Masters programme, which is exclusive to

CIM (Chartered Institute of Management) Postgraduate Diploma holders.

The OUBS has been offering samples of its other management development programmes

for three months, and more than 3,000 people have signed up for the courses

to date. Many have gone on to register to study for a professional management

qualification with OUBS.

As well as offering sample course materials through permission marketing, Europe’s

largest business school is offering enquirers a full range of online services

– from ordering a prospectus or booking a call with enquiry centre staff to

pitting their wits against other users by playing the interactive game Be the


"As the premier provider of multi-media learning and online study, the

OUBS recognises it’s of paramount importance that our website offers a range

of services which reflect that status," says OUBS Director of Marketing

Andy Moore.

"The development of the online course samplers offers our enquirers a taste

of what OUBS study has to offer. They can experience first-hand the outstanding

quality of our learning materials and see the breadth and range of our management

development programmes."

By registering on the OUBS website ( users can sign up

for a six- week series of samples from the MA in Marketing, the MBA, Certificate

in Accounting and Professional Diploma or Certificate in Management. The samples

will be delivered automatically by e-mail each week to their PC or laptop. Students

who go on to study for the MA in Marketing will take four six-month courses

over two years. They combine modern technology, such as computer conferencing,

CD-ROMs and interactive websites, with supportive tutoring from professionals

with both marketing and education experience. Marketing knowledge and skills

gained by CIM Diploma holders will be developed to the higher levels with particular

regard to the strategic knowledge needed in senior management.

The four courses in the MA programme are:

  • Strategy, which focuses on understanding an organisation’s strategy as the

    key task of the management team and is concerned with the choices that determine

    whether an organisation survives, prospers, or dies.

  • Marketing in a Complex World, which looks at taking strategic decisions

    in the context of the complex marketing environment and addresses advanced

    marketing concepts and techniques.

  • Future Marketing, which is devoted almost entirely to e-commerce while

    also looking at leading edge developments in marketing.

The Marketing Management Research Project which focuses on the in-depth investigation

of a particular marketing issue of direct relevance and benefit to the student’s

organisation. By logging on to the OUBS website prospective students can book

a telephone call with a member of the enquiry centre staff to find out more

about studying with the OUBS at a time and number which suits them best. The

OUBS website is at


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