NYUonline Announces ‘Train The Trainer’ Certificate Program

June 28, 2001

NYUonline recently announced it will open four new sections of its highly successful `Train The Trainer’ program, a workshop for online corporate instructors. The sessions will begin July 10th and will lead to the Certificate in Online Corporate Instruction, which is being jointly developed by NYUonline and NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the largest institution of its kind in the country. The Certificate will be officially introduced this fall.

The 35-hour certificate program – an optional professional credential – is designed to teach corporate training professionals to develop effective online training programs for their businesses or organizations. The program emphasizes the necessary instructional skills for the development of an efficient, integrated, web-based solution for e-training initiatives. It consists of a 10-week live workshop (20 hours) and an additional 15-hour course in Instructional Design for Asynchronous Delivery and Assessment commencing this fall.

In this hands-on certificate program, trainers learn to design, build, facilitate and deliver effective and engaging corporate training. The program demystifies online learning technology so instructors can do what they do best – teach. It is taught completely online and emphasizes teaching skills over technology. The workshop sessions are held synchronously (in real-time) – recordings of each session are available to participants should they be unable to attend a session or simply wish to review the content at their own pace.

“e-learning is quickly becoming a mainstay in traditional training programs,” said David Hawthorne, senior vice president of e-learning environments. “Businesses and organizations wishing to enhance their human capital need to come to understand how this new medium can help them achieve both short term efficiencies and long term advantages. As a subsidiary of one of the top education institutions in the world, NYUonline understands the value and power of expert instruction. That’s why we’ve created our Train The Trainer Program to help corporate training professionals quickly develop the expertise needed to teach online. This program is not about acquiring new technology; it is about acquiring new capabilities.”

The curriculum is meant to help instructors reach a comfort level where they can focus on adapting their own teaching styles to this new environment and develop methods that take advantage of the wide range of educational assets available in the online medium.

Trainers will learn to design online training materials, blend web-based and conventional teaching methods, deliver training messages online in both self-paced and live environments, and incorporate graphics and multi-media objects into an interactive learning experience. Instructors will also learn how to facilitate online discussions and knowledge sharing, and assess student performance.

Using microphone headsets, instructors and participants engage in conversation, have the ability to navigate the online environment, “virtually” raise their hands to ask and answer questions, can share applications and desktops, write notes to one another in real-time and answer quizzes, and work collaborative in small group break-out sessions.

Program specifics: Target audience: Corporate Trainers Duration: 10 weeks (live workshop) Length: 20 hours of live, online instruction; 15 hours of self-paced instruction Live schedule: Participants attend one evening session of 60-90 minutes Start Date: July 10 (live workshop) Price: $2,200 plus $50 non-refundable registration fee

The live workshop can be taken by itself ($1,600 plus registration fee) and will also be offered this fall; no certificate is awarded for the completion of the live workshop only.

The self-paced course in Instructional Design for Asynchronous Delivery and Assessment can be taken at any time – it does not need to immediately follow the completion of the live course.

About NYUonline

NYUonline (www.nyuonline.com) provides state-of-the-art eLearning to leading corporations worldwide. NYUonline brings a new level of education and training to corporations by combining New York University’s teaching excellence with the most advanced technological eLearning solutions, such as NYUonline’s authoring system iAuthorb. NYUonline focuses on developing customized, high-end course offerings that can be delivered, using the Internet, to students’ desktops, blending “anytime, anywhere,” live and existing instructor-led training. NYUonline courses are an interactive and rich media learning experience. All courses are created in close partnership with New York University’s world-class faculty. Founded in 1998, NYUonline is the first for-profit e-learning subsidiary of a major American university.