Launches Its Online LSAT Training Program, Delivered With A Revolutionary New Learning Platform

September 18, 2001

Now International announced the successful launch of its first test-preparation program on the educational website.

The “Now College Complete LSAT Training Program” provides instruction to law school hopefuls, delivered using a learning platform designed specifically for online training. The course is distinguished by its emphasis on key skills, and its ability to engage different styles of learning. With upward of 25 hours of instruction and problem solving, the Now College Program is more comprehensive than many live seminars. Over 4 hours of introductory lectures are also available free-of-charge. Other test-preparation courses for the GMAT, SAT, and GRE will follow in the coming year.

For educators aiming to reach an expanding number of students, the new era of e-Learning has finally arrived. “The e-Learning revolution has given thousands of students access to top-notch instruction in many different areas of learning-when their schedules permit and at a reasonable price. At the same time, schools can now offer students a huge variety of new program options,” says Moshe Renert, the company’s co-founder and Director of Course Content.

Now International’s flagship software suite, called NowStudio™, combines the best features of a traditional classroom with powerful functionalities for learning in an online environment. It is a groundbreaking, all-in-one technology for recording, editing, and delivering multimedia presentations over the Internet.

All Now College courses are delivered with NowPlayer™ – a revolutionary new teaching tool that is part of the NowStudio™ suite. The unique features of NowPlayer™ include “real-time” handwriting on an in-player whiteboard, and an interactive component that allows students to train on example questions and exercises. The player promotes active learning by synchronizing video, audio, music, text, animations, and graphics into modular, easily downloadable presentations. NowPlayer™ is designed for maximum ease-of-use, and puts a broad range of powerful teaching capabilities at the disposal of course developers.

Now International has also put its technology to work in its recently completed online Mathematics courses for the US and Canada. With the release of units in Trigonometry, and Permutations and Combinations (Combinatorics), Now International moves another step closer to offering a comprehensive high-school and freshman-college Math tutorial package online.

About Now International

Now International is a company specializing in building general-purpose, online learning environments. The company operates from offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Barbados. It offers courseware development services to educational institutions, corporations, IT training providers, workplace-training departments, trade associations, and government agencies.