Novell Simplifies and Improves Hi-Tech Classroom Training

June 15, 2001

Novell, Inc. recently announced Novell(R) Quick Classroom, an advancement in the way computer classroom training will be delivered through the rapidly expanding $25 billion worldwide IT training industry. Available immediately worldwide to Novell authorized education partners, the Quick Classroom solution allows for dramatically reduced classroom setup time for Novell training, freeing technical staff, equipment and classrooms for billable training activities. With increasing competitive pressure to trim administrative overhead, training partners will see immediate benefits with 70 to 80 percent reduction of the current setup time required for Novell classes. In addition, students will realize a richer education experience as hardware requirements for Quick Classroom allow students to move through class materials at their own speed, without having to work with multiple computers.

“Novell has long been a leader in streamlining processes and simplifying

complex networking systems,” said Debbie Maucieri, vice president of Novell Education worldwide. “Quick Classroom allows training partners to reduce costs, bringing more dollars to their bottom line. We are confident that this solution will push other vendors to develop more efficient systems for training partners in the Net economy.”

Partners and Students Benefit

Training partners realize that Quick Classroom offers immediate and hard

dollar savings for their businesses, as well as improved learning experience for students. For example, a typical training partner that teaches ten Novell classes per month could easily realize an immediate savings of $36,000* per year in class technician time alone with Quick Classroom setup time of under 60 minutes. In addition, with a minimum setup time savings of 5.5 hours per class the classroom would be freed up for training an additional 660 hours per year, or an additional 110 teaching days**.

“Novell Quick Classroom represents a significant cost-savings to our

classroom setup process. There is no question that this tool will reduce

classroom set up complexity. We applaud Novell Education for the effort in

developing this new tool and improving our business model,” stated

Mark Lamberth, executive vice president for Athena, a Novell Authorized

Education Center(SM) in Nashville, TN.

Seasoned IT professionals who are certified on Novell Net services

software see improvements as they compare past Novell classes with their experience in a Quick Classroom environment. One such improvement is the ability for each student to have their own learning environment without having to share computers.

“There is no question that I learned more by being able to perform all of

the exercises on my own. Novell Quick Classroom made that possible,” said Rick Shick, MCNE(SM), Ikon Office Solutions.

Groundbreaking Training Innovation

Developed by Novell Education, Quick Classroom leverages Novell and

partner technology to create a first of its kind training platform. It allows

training centers to set up any Novell class in 70 to 80 percent less time than it used to take without this tool. Novell Quick Classroom is comprised of two unique utilities: The Course Launcher and the Exercise Launcher. The Course Launcher manages the setup and configuration of the training environment, while the Exercise Launcher allows the student or instructor to load any exercise at any point in the course.

At the core of this new solution is virtualization software technology.

Novell Quick Classroom leverages VMwarethe Workstation. This software enables a user to configure and run multiple operating environments (with almost any combination of operating systems and applications) and network them together as virtual machines on a single PC. With Novell’s industry recognized cross-platform technology it is vital to set up Novell Net Services classroom training in a heterogeneous environment. With Novell Quick Classroom and VMware Workstation, that training environment is made possible on one PC.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with industry-leader Novell on

this trend-setting solution,” said Diane Greene, president, CEO, and

co-founder for VMware. “Novell Quick Classroom uses the power, flexibility, and security of VMware Workstation to leverage tight resources and drive higher quality educational offerings.”

Pricing and Availability

Quick Classroom is available immediately and is offered free at Edge(R)

2001 to Novell Authorized Education Centers (NAEC(SM)) and Novell Education Academic Partners(SM) (NEAP(SM)) worldwide through Novell Education. After Edge 2001, Quick Classroom will be available at cost through normal ordering channels. Included with Quick Classroom are copies of VMware Workstation. Licenses for use of VMware Workstation must be purchased at special pricing from the manufacturer — see

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*based on $55 per hour cost of classroom technician, 60 minutes setup time with Quick Classroom, 6.5 hours current classroom setup time.

**based on six hour training day.

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