Nova Southeastern University to Host Cyber Peace Mission: WORLDLINK 2000 to Celebrate United Nations Day

October 16, 2000

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Oct 12, 2000 — Students from all over the world will communicate via cyberspace for 24 hours on October 24th, United Nations Day, at the Nova Southeastern University North Miami Beach campus.

The largest cyber event of its kind, WORLDLINK 2000, will unite nearly 300 students, ages 6-18 from the Miami-Dade and Broward County Public Schools, with their counterparts in 189 member countries of the United Nations. The students, dubbed “cybernauts,” will conduct virtual visits through video conferencing, instant messaging, laptops, digital radio, telephone and fax.

WORLDLINK 2000 is sponsored by the Aventura Marketing Council, Snowdon International, and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). The global student summit is the brainchild of Sondra Snowdon, Director of Snowdon International, and was developed in response to the UN Millennium Summit on World Peace.

“Our goal is to empower youth to recognize their role and responsibility in world affairs and become active participants in the new millennium,” Snowdon says. “These students will be trading partners in the future so we want to have them begin communicating now.”

The cyber celebration will begin on Monday evening at the Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services, and will conclude at midnight on Tuesday, October 24. The Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services (FGSEHS), at NSU is one of the most dynamic forces in graduate education today. The university has the largest graduate school of education in the United States, and is the leading higher education institution offering distant learning and wireless curriculum.

“Who better than NSU, who has been in the distance learning business for over 20 years, to reach out and develop these programs for students,” Snowdon adds.

By using the existing NSU technology infrastructure, FGSEHS will be able to link classrooms in schools around the world, Internet sites, United Nations locations, embassies, world trade centers, corporate headquarters, and government offices together to create a world wide learning community network in support of United Nations Day events.

With its extensive experience with technology and distance learning, FGSEHS is well-equipped to use on-line communication tools in addition to the Web — chat, bulletin boards, and e-mail, plus compressed video for sites where ISDN phone lines are available.

Students will participate in several exciting activities including a:

  • video conference with UN officials in Geneva;

  • visit with our Belgian ambassador and students in Brussels;

  • literary roundtable and music fest in India;

  • ballet class in Monaco;

  • cyber chat with Japanese students from the World Trade Center in Tokyo;

  • visit to a Cyber Cafe to meet with Romanian youth.

To ensure the success of WORLDLINK 2000, volunteers who have technology expertise, and those who can serve as linguists and translators are needed to assist the students. For more information about WORLDLINK 2000 or to volunteer, call 305-932-5334 or send email to

More information about the Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services can be found at or by calling Brian Croswhite at 954-262-8651.

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