Northland Launches eLearning Subscription Service

February 22, 2001

Ottawa-based training leader Northland Systems

Training Inc., has launched an on-line eLearning “Networking Stream” of advanced telecommunication training. “Northland’s Networking Stream of online content includes over 100 hours of the hottest, most advanced, telecommunications topics,” says Jerry Van

Olst, President of Northland. “Our approach is unique in that with a simple dial-up connection and web browser learners can access the content from nearly anyplace, anywhere, and anytime with no additional software or plug-ins, and

no hassle.”

This new eLearning environment doesn’t simply offer on-line courses,

instead, Northland provides access to all of their technical content online on

a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription basis. Content available on-line

includes Fiber Optic Technology, 3G Wireless, Voice over IP, Internetworking,

Virtual Private Networks, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, and Multi-Protocol Label


As well as overcoming geographic, scheduling, and space barriers, the

benefits of eLearning membership include unlimited access to Northland’s

eLearning Technical Assistance Center which is staffed by subject matter

experts ready to provide real-time live support. eLearning members also

receive access to monthly live web-based briefings on the latest advances in

telecommunications technology, and continuous access to new learning modules

as they are developed.

“Today’s competitive environment dictates a just-in-time, just-enough,

just-for-me learning environment” says Jerry Van Olst, President of Northland.

“We have responded with the first step in changing training from an event to a

life-long process of learning”.

About Northland

Northland Systems Training Inc. is a pre-IPO private Canadian Corporation

established in September 1997. Northland is a leader in developing and

delivering instructor-led and eLearning solutions to many of the world’s

technology leaders. With specialized expertise in Networking, Security and

Wireless domains, Northland delivers unique web-based eLearning solutions that

include an interactive eLearning portal with product simulation and real-time

live support to optimize their client’s operational efficiency.