Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota Announces a New E-learning Graduate Program

October 20, 2002

In the Spring of 2001, the South Dakota Board of Regents established an E-learning Center at Northern State University. with master teachers who provide K-12 classes daily to more than 50 school districts across the state. This fall, 2002, Northern State University accepted its graduate students into the project-based master’s program. The program is designed to make extensive use of the lab school like facilities provided by the E-learning Center’s ongoing K-12 and professional development classes. Graduate assistantships are available. For more information, visit the web site, or call the program Director, Erika Tallman at 605-626-3382.

Salley M. B. Sawyer, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor Educational Technologies

E-Learning Center

Northern State University

1200 South Jay Street

Aberdeen, SD 57401

E-learning department Phone (605) 626-3382

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