North Carolina Approves TechSkills

November 28, 2001

TechSkills announced it has received approval for licensing from the North Carolina Community College System’s Proprietary School Licensing Board. TechSkills has joined the elite group of licensed proprietary schools that provide education to North Carolina communities. To be licensed, proprietary schools must meet stringent requirements including standards for program and course offerings, facilities, financial stability, personnel, and operating practices. TechSkills currently operates thirty-three branches nationwide including three locations in North Carolina: Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro.

“We are delighted to be included as a licensed education provider in North Carolina”, said Kevin Paulsen, President & CEO, TechSkills, “it is further evidence of the quality of our programs and our strong commitment to the State of North Carolina.”

In addition to the approval from the State of North Carolina, TechSkills also recently received recognition from the American Council on Education. In October, TechSkills joined a select number of organizations that have added value to their course offerings through college credit recommendations. This was a result of a review conducted September 10-12, 2001 by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (formerly ACE/PONSI). A team of content specialists, selected from university faculty, conducted a rigorous review of TechSkills’ courses. The review team has reported that TechSkills’ courses are comparable to college level courses and may be used as transfer credit at many colleges and universities. An unprecedented thirty-three of TechSkills’ courses received recommendation from ACE for transfer credit.

Despite the recent economic downturn, the demand for certified IT professionals continues to grow. Over the past year, base salaries for IT workers grew at a rate of 6 percent. That is one-and-a half times the 4 percent growth rate of the average American worker.(1) The U.S. Department of Labor has projected a growth potential of more than 100 percent in IT professionals over the next eight years. These occupations are projected to be the fastest growing and rank among the top 20 in the number of new jobs created over the 1998-2008 period.(2) This field includes everything from hardware support specialists to database administrators. TechSkills offers its Students an extensive range of courses covering these key technologies including Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA A+ and Network Plus.

About TechSkills

Based in Milwaukee, TechSkills is a rapidly expanding Information Technology (IT) education company targeting individual students as well as corporate customers. TechSkills currently has over thirty Learning Centers throughout the United States, with several new branches scheduled to open in the near future. TechSkills’ innovative Facilitated Learning Model (FLM) combines the benefits of personal attention and service from Certified IT professionals with proven educational software and the optional convenience of distance learning via Internet delivery. Its diverse IT curriculum covers the spectrum from professional IT certification to end-user software training for business professionals and staff.

About North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges

The North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges is charged with the responsibility of licensing certain proprietary business, trade and correspondence schools. Proprietary schools are businesses that profit from providing education and training. They may be privately owned, a partnership, or a corporation. The role of the State Board of Community Colleges in regard to proprietary schools is one of consumer protection in behalf of the citizens of North Carolina.

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  2. U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics