New website helping people with IELTS

April 5, 2004

Before the launch of, the only resources on the internet for helping people with the IELTS exam were the official IELTS site, a few expensive on line courses and some unofficial sites providing uncertain and generic assistance. has been launched by some British teachers who used to give classes at the British Council and who have a background in teaching and examining IELTS.

The website fills a gap in the market for extremely cheap downloads of practice exam papers. For a fraction of the price of the traditional books available, allows you to immediately download more material than the books provide, including the audio downloads which usually push up the prices.

In addition to this the website provides an extensive “free course tutorials” section for all parts of the IELTS exam, including both the Academic and General Training modules. This section gives full assistance to students for no cost providing a resource that can be returned to at any time.

The website can be found at: