New VA Web Site Promotes Vets-in-Schools Program

November 2, 2001

In support of President Bush’s initiative to unite schools with America’s veterans for Veterans Day, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has started a Web site, “The Veterans’ Experience.”

The new VA Web site will provide information that helps teachers and veterans inform students about contributions veterans have made to the American way of life.  The online educational materials are designed to help the president’s new campaign, “America’s Lessons in Liberty,” which strives to bring a veteran to every school for Veterans Day.

The new site, hosted on VA’s main site at will link to sites operated by veterans service organizations, civic education organizations and VA’s own Veterans Day section.  

“No one can tell the story of our nation’s struggles against the foes of freedom better than our veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi.  He added that veterans organizations already encourage members to reach out to schools with stories about military experiences, and VA’s new Web site will support their educational programs.

Principi emphasized that the president’s call to veterans to offer themselves as guest speakers at schools goes beyond Veterans Day and is a call also to students to recognize America’s veterans.

The Web site will include examples of sacrifices by well-known veterans, information on the country’s freedoms and explanations of popular American symbols of patriotism.