New USDLA Publication

September 10, 2003

It will be sent to all members of the USDLA, and will be available for subscription. Distance Learning will be co-sponsored by the Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University, and will be published by Information Age Publishing of Greenwich, CT.

Michael Simonson and Charles Schlosser, USDLA members, will serve as Distance Learning’s editor and managing editor. John Flores and Denzil Edge will be “Association Editors”. We plan to offer a high quality publication for those who practice the growing field of distance education. The emphasis for Distance Learning will be on current issues and trends in the field, with special consideration given to practical applications of distance learning. Distance Learning will not be a research publication, even though the editorial board will carefully screen articles. Rather, Distance Learning will be a practitioner’s publication containing well thought-out and practical ideas for the field. Distance Learning will be published six times a year. The first issue is scheduled for January 2004.

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to publish an article in the inaugural volume of Distance Learning. Guidelines for your submission are enclosed with this letter of invitation. We know that you are involved in important and interesting applications of distance learning and would like you to write about them. After the first year of publication, Distance Learning will be open to general submission of papers. However, Volume #1 will contain only articles that have been submitted by invitation, such as yours. We hope to hear from you soon, accepting this opportunity.


Michael R. Simonson

John Flores
Executive Director